Advice 1: How to keep color in the wash

When buying clothes and other textiles we do not think that the color may change after the first wash. To things please you with rich and bright colorAMI wash them correctly.
How to keep color in the wash
Before washing, sort your things not only color, but also in tissues. After all, if you wash different texture of linen, it can stretch out or to sit down.
To make sure that the fabric does not fade, place the flap in 10 minutes in the soap solution. Lightly RUB the fabric, rinse in cold water and leave it for 15 minutes. After the time check, not stained water and not lost if the color of the fabric itself. If everything is in order, you can wash clothes without fearing for her color.
To be safe, try not to lather coloroff of clothing, wash them with a special powder for the colortion of the tissues. Now a large selection of Laundry detergents: it's not just powders, but gels, and conditioners. Pick up the powder for a specific type of fabric and can be washed.
To prevent changes in colorand of cotton fabrics before the start of the wash to soak the clothes in salt water, rinse in cold water, and then wash as usual. Either soak the linen in cold water with turpentine in the ratio of 1 teaspoon per 2 liters of water. Then wash in cool, soapy water and rinse, pour into a bowl some vinegar.
Red and blue fabrics will retain their color longer if you rinse to add water a few tablespoons of baking soda or vinegar.
When boiling white clothes, add a few slices of lemon and then wash it the normal way. After that, the color of your clothes will be white, and the yellow is completely lost.
Often the clothes are made from different texture and colorof fabric, making it difficult to wash. Before you wash this linen, soak it in a basin of water and add 5-7 teaspoons of salt. In this way all things wash with embroidery colorof the other threads.
A good clue is the tag on the clothes. They set the water temperature allowed for the wash. If you follow the rules, save your favorite clothes in excellent condition.

Advice 2: What is the quality of good clothes and not spoil things

White stuff after a certain time can acquire an unpleasant yellowish tint. To update the color of the linen and give it a white appearance, it is necessary to use quality bleach.
What is the quality of good clothes and not spoil things

What are the bleach

There are two types of bleach: chlorine and oxygen. The first tool has a very affordable price, perfectly whitens and has disinfecting properties. But, unfortunately, for delicate fabrics you can't use chlorine bleach because it may help promote the breakdown of tissue fibers. And regular bleaching of linen, t-shirts, socks made of cotton, you will notice that the fabric is much thinned.

The second kind is oxygen bleach, it is much more expensive than chlorine and is available in liquid and powder forms. The oxygen composition suitable for bleaching delicate fabrics.

What is oxygen bleach

The oxygen bleach comes percarbonate potassium, when combined with water it forms molecules of active oxygen, which removes dirt from fabrics. Stains from tea, coffee, berries, herbs can easily be removed by means of oxygen resources, and it is perfectly disinfects and removes things from the smell.

Oxygen bleach is a very environmentally friendly tool that can be used even when washing children's clothes. There is even a special composition called "Eared nannies", which is intended for washing baby clothes. It does not damage the fibers of the tissue, thus perfectly performs its whitening function.

The famous "Vanish" also belongs to the category of oxygen bleaching compositions. Some Housewives still could not find anything better, the only drawback is its rather high price. "Vanish" good clothes, economical, delicate lingerie and are harmless to humans.

Of the more affordable options, you can choose a Russian tool called "Soap nuts Eko2". After applying disappear any stains, and underwear is becoming just incredibly white.

Of course, it's worth a try and a universal tool from Amway, among the products of this company also have a bleach-based percarbonate of potassium. The tool is absolutely safe, suitable not only for bleaching clothes, and for cleaning and disinfection of various items.

To keep clothes white, but it does not damage delicate fabric, it should use only oxygen bleaches. But firm the customer chooses, in accordance with their financial capabilities.
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