You will need
  • water, starch
There are several degrees of acromelanism. For shirts that fit semi-rigid krahmaleva solution in a ratio of 1 tablespoon of starch per liter of water. Directly for the cuffs and collars can be applied hard krakhmalnyi – 2 tablespoons (about 50 grams) per liter of water. The starch you can use potato, rice or corn.
Before you begin, remove yellowing from fabric, for example, by using hydrogen peroxide. Then pour it on the stain and then the cloth is exposed to the sun – the stain will disappear.
Dissolve starch in small amount of cold water, stir well. If there's lumps, the solution can be filtered through cheesecloth. Pour the mixture into the boiling water and simmer for a few minutes, until the solution becomes transparent, then let it cool slightly. Things to dip in this solution, they should have a good soak. Then gently press them and dry (it is better not to overdry).
Collars and cuffs can be ironed "hard" way. You need to prepare a mixture of 100 g of rice starch, 0.5 teaspoon of glycerin, 2.5 cups of cold water and 1 tablespoon borax cosmetic (which is now hard to find, and that's the difficulty of the recipe). Clean with a sponge dipped in this solution, you need to RUB the collar and cuffs of laundered shirts, then spend on them with a sponge dipped in clean cold water, and then carefully ironed iron.
If starch sticks to the iron, it can be removed with turpentine, with ceramic surfaces starch erased with a damp sponge. A few drops of turpentine can be directly added in the solution so that the starch is not sticky. Another solution is to add a pinch of salt, it will give the underwear Shine.
In the shops of household chemicals and a range of ready funds to chromaline. Sprays and liquid starch applied to things directly before Ironing. There are washing powders with the effect of chromaline.