You will need
  • Starch
  • Water
  • Deep pan
  • Sieve
Mix one part of starch and four parts warm water in a large enameled pot. Stir thoroughly and cover. Leave the mixture to swell for one hour.
Turn on the flame and move the pot with the mixture on it. Bring the paste to boil, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Turn heat down to medium, still stirring to Keep the paste on a slow fire until, until it becomes thick and transparent.
Cool the paste to room temperature and pour it in a jar or another container through a sieve to get rid of lumps.
Store the paste in the fridge. The average duration of storage of starch paste – a week. It should be a pleasant food smell and texture, in any case should not be any mold. If you feel a rancid smell or see mold spots immediately get rid of paste.
You can dilute the finished paste with warm water until desired consistency. Diluted paste will need to again pass through a sieve.