Computer setup

If you connect to the access point Wi-Fi, created with the use of a mobile phone, you will use the computer, verify that it has network Wi-Fi card or appropriate USB dongle to connect to wireless networks. In the absence of necessary equipment at a computer will not be able to connect to the access point, and therefore you will need to purchase one of the devices to use the Wi-Fi. After you purchase the module, install it in the USB port of the computer and perform the driver installation, insert the software CD that comes in one package with the device.

If you purchased a network card Wi-Fi, paste it into the appropriate PCI slot on the motherboard of the computer, and then install the drivers from the disc supplied. If all settings were made correctly, you should see an icon similar to the level indicator signal reception of mobile communication on the phone. To use the laptop as a means of access to the Internet you do not need to make additional settings, because most of the devices originally required a Wi-Fi module.

Phone setup

To create an access point Wi-Fi with your Android phone go to menu "Settings" - "Internet tethering". Some devices on this operating system, the menu item may be called "access Point Wi-Fi". Go to "access point Settings" to change the password and set the name of the future network. Then check the checkbox next to access Point "Wi-Fi" and wait for establishing the connection. The same menu is available on devices iPhone and iPad under "Settings" - "Internet tethering". To create a connection to devices on Windows Phone go to "Settings" - "Internet sharing" and switch the slider to "on" position.


On a computer screen, tap the signal strength indicator, which is located in the lower right corner of the control panel "start". Among the options provided, select your phone name or the name you assigned to your access point. Enter the password and click "OK". The connection is made within seconds and you will be able to use your network connection. If you go to the correct site fails, check mobile Internet connection (EDGE, 3G or 4G) on your phone. If necessary, try disabling and then re-enable hotspot on the phone to connect with computer again.