You will need
  • phone with Android OS, iOS, WM or Symbian
  • - SIM card with the tariff plan
  • - proprietary USB cable
First, make sure that your phone works on one of the operating systems: Android, iOS (Apple iPhone), Symbian or Windows Phone. In addition, the phone must support 3G/HSDPA connection to the Internet and not just WAP and GPRS/EDGE.
In the main phone settings, find "Network" and "jumper" or by using the keys "on/ turn on use of phone as modem.
Then in network settings, activate mobile Internet to your Android phone to be able to communicate with a global network.
Network settings the Internet should be similar to the settings received from the operator. Use the access point APN, the username and password offered to you by your mobile operator. Detailed information about the connection settings can be found on the official website of your mobile operator.
Now, when the machine is ready, using a proprietary USB cable, connect your phone to the computer. If you're using a Communicator on Android, settings PC connection select the connection type by default "Internet modem".
If the computer will notify you that the operating system has found new device and prompt you to download and/or install the modem driver, agree by pressing "OK" or "Accept".
The phone can alert you of the beginning of the connection a special notice or stripe on the screen, as Apple does the iPhone. Also the clock in the system tray on your computer screen you will see the image as a single monitor with the socket (Windows Vista / 7) or two flashing monitors (Windows XP). This icon shows that the Internet connection is established, you can open the browser and start viewing web pages.