You will need
  • two Bluetooth adapter;
  • - disk driver adapter.
Connect your BlueTooth adapters to PCs or laptops between which you will configure the network. Install every software that was sold with the device. If not, then go to the adapter manufacturer and download it. As a rule, download drivers free. Restart your computers to the installed application are preserved in the registers.
Run the program BlueSoleil, the label which should appear on the desktop after installing the software adapters. Go to "My services" and select "Properties". This will bring up the settings window for BlueTooth. Go to "Lan" and check "Automatically include this service at every startup my BlueTooth". Close the window.
Go to the menu "My BlueTooth" and select "Properties". Open the tab "Accessibility" and activate the communication mode is "Available for connection". In the search mode, select the "discoverable", and in pairing mode, check the box next to "accept connections". Save the settings and close the window. Do the same operation on the second computer, and then restart the system.
Start the BlueSoleil program on your computer that you want to share an Internet connection. Click on the red circle located in the middle of the window. After that, the app will start searching for BlueTooth devices. After the detection of the second computer will appear the corresponding icon. Click on it twice to launch the services discovery. Prompted access code. Enter any value and run the program on the second computer. Appears similar request the access code, enter the same combination.
Wait for the connection to the LAN. If you all did correct that on the computer where you performed detection services will launch the connection window to the Internet. Do not enter values in the fields login and password, because by default the connection will be performed without authentication.