To connect HTC smartphone to the computer will need a special USB cable. Usually this cable comes with your smartphone. If the cable is not included, you can buy it in a specialty computer store.

Connect to view files

Connect one end of the cable to the appropriate connector HTC and the other to the USB connector of your computer.

The smartphone automatically opens the window "Select a connection type. Here, select the type "Drive". Note that the selection dialog of the connection opens only when the option "Ask me" in the settings of the smartphone.

If the window you select the type of connection does not open automatically, go to "Menu" => "Settings" => "Connect to PC".
Click on "connection Type "default" and select from the list the type "Drive". Remove the cable from the PC and reconnect.

If you want to each time you connect to your PC, your prompted to choose a connection type, check the box next to "Ask me" in the settings of the PC connection.

The default settings HTC the connection type is "charge Only". This means that when you connect the USB cable to the computer, the phone will only charge. But if you choose a connection type "disk Drive", the smartphone will be simultaneously displayed on the computer, and recharge.

On your computer, open the Computer window. Under "Devices with removable storage displays the name of the smartphone HTC Storage. Opening the Windows HTC Storage, you can manage files and folders in the smartphone from the computer.

If a memory card is inserted, the computer will see two removable devices – HTC itself and memory card. The memory card may be called "Removable disk" or the name that you yourself gave her.

Connection for use as a modem

HTC phone can be used as a modem. To do this, in settings PC connection select the connection type "Internet modem". In this case, the computer you need to configure the connection via your smartphone using the guide of your mobile provider.

If you, instead, want to share an Internet connection from a PC to a smartphone, then in the settings select a connection type Through connection to the Internet".

Connect via Wi-Fi to use the mobile Internet on your computer

To do this, you want to enable your phone's Wi-Fi router. To enable the router, go to "Menu" and "Wi-Fi router". Will display the instructions, click OK. Next, click on "Mobile Wi-Fi router". The router turns on.

To connect the computer to the mobile router, the computer must be installed and enabled Wi-Fi adapter. Often Wi-Fi adapter is initially installed in laptops.

To enable wifi adapter in Windows 8, go to Settings and "Change PC settings". Locate the "Wireless". Move the switch to the "on" position.

Some laptops have external switches – buttons on the front panel. If your laptop has such a button, find the button labeled Wi-Fi or the corresponding image, and click.

After enabling Wi-Fi adapter in the menu, connections will display the new network is the HTC Portable Hotspot. Click "Connect". In the field "security Code" enter the code that appears in the phone menu Wi-Fi router".