You will need
  • Wi-Fi module.
Connect the mobile computer to your Wi-Fi router via a network cable. For this recommend the use of a patch cord direct wire. To perform the connection should be through a free channel LAN.
Open on your computer web browser. Go to the GUI settings on the modem by entering the desired IP address in the url field. Now, open menu, Setting Wireless or Wi-Fi.
Examine the parameters of the created access point. Note the following characteristics: type of security (WEP, WPA or WPA-2), operating mode radio (802.11 g, n or b), key type (TKIP or AES).
Disconnect the LAN cable from the modem. Open the control center network and sharing using the operating system of the mobile computer. Go to "Manage wireless networks".
Click the "Add" button located on the top control panel. After starting the connection wizard select "Create network profile manually".
Fill in the form after opening the new menu. Check the correctness of the specified parameters. Check the box next to "Start this connection automatically" if you connect to home access point.
Click "Next" and wait for the update connection parameters. Open the control center network and sharing and look at the list of active connections. Make sure that your mobile computer got Internet access.
If you use Wi-Fi tethering leads to a hidden SSID broadcast, then in the last menu of the wizard, select the checkbox "Connect even if the network produces broadcast". The hidden name of the access point allows you to improve the security of Wi-Fi tethering. At the same time, this mode of operation the device may cause incompatibilities of some devices with the access point.