Connect cell phone to computer. Use one of the following: usb cable, infrared port, bluetooth connection. After connecting the phone system will detect a new device. Some phones when connected to the computer prompt you for the type of connection as modem or storage device. Select the desired option.
After that install the driver that will allow you to use your phone as a modem. Usually it is on the CD that comes with the very phone. If for some reason the disk or driver not – download it from official website manufacturer. To do this, start Internet Explorer, go to the manufacturers website, in the list of products select the model of the phone, then click on the link for downloading the driver. After installing it restart the computer.
Check the correct operation of the phone as a modem. Click "start" –> "control Panel" –> "Phone and modem options". Enter city code and click on "Modems". If you have your phone driver installed correctly. If not – repeat the procedure to install it.
In the same tab, select the modem and click on Properties. Open the Diagnostics tab and select "Query modem". If no result followed – probably installed in the system another modem interfere. With settings connect to COM port, a sequence number which will be greater than the number of the COM port the telephone modem.
Create a connection to access the Internet. Click "start" –> "Connection" –> "Show all connections". Select "create a new connection" then "connect to Internet", "Set up my connection manually", "Using a modem". Select dial-up modem. Specify an arbitrary name of the service provider, as number enter *99# or *99***1#. Name and password for each mobile operator own – they typically coincide with the operator name. For example, beeline, mts, etc. Then click finish. Using the newly created connection, you can access the Internet.