First go to the phone menu by pressing the key under "Menu". Next, you need to select "Settings" is often depicted as a spanner or any mechanism.
Once you got a list of different settings, you need to find the item "Configuration" and click on it. In the window that opens, find the item "personal configuration Settings" and open it.
You must then click on the button under "Functions", usually it is on display on the bottom left. After you do this you will see a list of functions, select "Add new".
Next you will see a list in which you want to find a "Point of access" and click "Choose".
Enter the name of the point of access, it can be any. "Point of access" click on "data feed" and select "Packet data".
Next, you should go back and starts tuning the channel. Then do the following: in "T/d packet data" internet email, "network Type" IPv4 "authentication Type" is common, "user Name" and leave the password field empty.
After that, press "Save" or "Add". To see this point of access was used for Internet access, select it from the list in item configuration, the Preferred point of access".