On your computer must be installed Apple iTunes. Download iTunes free on the official website of Apple. To do this, go to: On the download page of iTunes click the blue "Download" button, and then begin the downloading of the program. Once the program is downloaded to your computer, install it like any other software, accepting the license agreement.
Further, according to the rules of your mobile operator, you need to specify APN in network settings. All settings are contained in the setup app on the iPhone home screen. Go to settings, select "Network" sub-paragraph "data Transfer".
In the settings of Internet in your APN, which is responsible for the access point, enter the following values:
- MegaFon – internet;

- MTS – mts.

- Beeline –
A couple username and password is not required.
After entering the APN, go back to the level above and a finger switch on position "on" data transfer in modem mode. Immediately a popup will appear in which iPhone will offer you the means of passing traffic between your computer and phone: "Bluetooth" or "USB Only". Select the second and connect the phone to the computer using the original USB cable from the kit.
As soon as the Apple iPhone will be connected to the computer, on top of the phone screen will appear a blue bar denoting that the Internet connection is running and traffic is sent to the computer. Also this piece will be displayed while working modem. It is recommended to use tariff plans with unlimited Internet SIM cards of your mobile operator.