Thanks to the technology of data transmission over Wi-Fi, people can take advantage of its opportunities at any point (where there is a Wi-Fi network). Of course, that just set the Wi-Fi is not enough. To function properly on mobile devices it is necessary to configure.

Wi-Fi on iOS

Configuring Wi-Fi can be strikingly different on each operating system. Most Internet required iOS. Of course, that the owner of such device can carry out simple actions (call, send SMS, etc.), but for everything else, these devices require an Internet connection.

To configure an iOS device, you need to have within reach access point Wi-Fi, which you want to connect. To set up Wi-Fi network on your device, you need to go to mobile device settings and select "Wi-Fi". After you press the power button, Wi-Fi, will automatically open a list of all available connections. In this list you need to find something which are going to connect to, click on it and enter the SSID key. After the first successful logon, the mobile device will automatically remember login information.

Wi-Fi on Windows Phone

In order to use the Wi-Fi network on a mobile device which has the Windows Phone operating system, it is necessary in the application list, select Settings, and then find Wi-Fi. In the line "Wi-Fi", enable the connection, then the phone will automatically search all available networks. Need to find the connection to which you want to connect and select it. Next, you need to enter a username and password and only after that, the phone will be able to connect to the network.

Wi-Fi on Android

On mobile devices based on Android, all about the same. First you need to go to "Settings" and select "Wireless & networks". Here it is necessary to check the box next to Wi-Fi. The phone will automatically search all available networks and if you will find not blocked, then connects to it. If you want to connect to a private network, then you should enter "Wi-Fi Settings" where you can see a list of all available connections. In the list you need to find the appropriate connection and select it, enter a password and upon successful login, you will be able to use the Wi-Fi network.