Why girls are afraid to say about your virginity?

Society for centuries has built his virginity in cult. Chastity girl has long been considered its main advantage. The twentieth century brought the sexual revolution that many of the values turned on its head. Girls begin to feel ashamed of your virginity with the onset of a certain age. This "age limit" exists only in their head, because there are no medical criteria for the estimation of optimum age of deprivation of virginity. It is obvious that the age of starting sexual life is a personal choice. Despite this virgin usually suffer from inferiority complex against the more liberated friends.

The main fear that plagued "age" the virgins – the man will think that it is up to him no one was needed. In this case, you can appeal to the examples of recognized beauties. Sexy singer Jessica Simpson got married a virgin at 22. Top model and Victoria Secret angel adriana Lima has kept the innocence to 27 years for her future husband and father their children. Actress Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe from Friends, also married a virgin, on the day of the wedding she was 31 years old. Think of your virginity as a virtue, then men will treat it the same way.

Do I need to tell a guy you're a virgin?

The man with whom you decided to lose your virginity, certainly must know that he will have you first. At least in order to behave more gently and carefully. Fear that the man will run away after hearing about her virginity, is unfounded. The vast majority of men, on the contrary, deem it an honor. First sex with a woman, whether a virgin or not, male hardly waiting for sexual experimentation. Only if he didn't see you in any film labeled "adults only".
You need to choose the right moment to tell the guy about your virginity. The first option – to say in advance.

Of course, this should not be the first or second date. If you feel that beside the man with whom you are willing to go farther than the rest of the fans, tell him about it. The conversation can begin with the fact that before you never loved anybody so much that you have not been in a serious relationship, what are you waiting for the one. A man in love will certainly understand everything correctly. It will help create a relaxing setting for the first night of love. Candles, music, dim light. Alcohol is not forbidden. Certainly not in such quantities that the next morning in your memory there's nothing left.

The phrase "As you know, I'm a virgin" can save to the most responsible moment. The chances are that Horny man run away, buttoning his pants and leaving you alone to recline on white sheets, equal to zero. Just don't scare him saying that as an honest man, he will be obliged to marry after a night of love.