To conquer the hearts of women – Virgo need to show her all its advantages. But it must be done unobtrusively. Remember to show yourself and make this woman the impression that you will be given only one chance. If you even slightly overdo it or be vulgar, think of that woman – Virgo lost to you forever. It is better to elect the unobtrusive tactics of courtship, long-term mental communication. She loves little surprises, that anything it does not oblige and does not shout about its crazy expensive.
Tune in to what you first need to make a step to get closer, as the woman – Virgo modest and prefers a classic statement "must act the man." But keep in mind that excessive activity scares the virgin, so the transition from friendship to love should be slow and romantic.
If you have any extraordinary talent, it will also help you to conquer woman's heart. Of course, if you use your gift is not illegal, vulgar, etc. purposes.
Communicating with a female Virgin, be sincere, friendly, courteous. Watch not only your words, but also for appearance. This woman likes men dressed "to the nines". She literally will evaluate you from head to toes Shoe. Cleanliness and neatness is not only a priority for women. These qualities give the true man intellectual. But we should not confuse this with male type with a narcissistic pretty boys who are engaged in constant conquest of women's hearts. Such male virgin shy away, because he sees their essence through and through.
Inviting a womana virgin on a date, plan everything in advance. Note that she does not like noisy discos, night clubs and bars. Better buy two tickets to the concert of Opera singer or theatre. This situation will significantly shorten your way to the heart of the beloved. But if you show a female virgin that are able to save, but in moderation, consider that you're almost there.