Advice 1: What Zodiac sign fits the female Capricorn

The woman-Capricorn is very demanding and conservative. It is suitable for partner selection in great detail and appreciate the traditional views on family and relationships. According to astrologers, the most passionate and emotionally intense, the unions have a female Capricorn with signs of fire and water – Scorpio and Aries, and the most stable and durable – with the signs of the earth element.

Compatibility female Capricorn with the signs of the earth

The female Capricorn are perfect all the representatives of the earth element: Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. In a couple of Capricorn with a Taurus there is complete harmony. Both are practical, purposeful, appreciate stability and comfort, have the same views on family and relationships. The only downside of this Union is that often he is not too passionate. The same can be said of the other two combinations: the relationship between a female Capricorn with a Virgo or with the same sign is difficult to call it passionate and emotional. But both of these characters are for her practical ideal partners, each of which she can create a happy and lasting Union.

Compatibility female Capricorn with the signs of water

Among the water signs the best partners for Capricorn are Scorpio and Cancer. Male-Scorpio brings to her life a passion and vivid emotions, and she gives him stability. Both partners are configured to serious relationships, so their Union can be very long and durable. Male Cancer is also very well suited to the Capricorn family life, but the partner may not make financial simplicity and low ambitions.

Compatibility female Capricorn with the signs of the air

The only sign of the air element, which is Capricorn good compatibility is Aquarius. It attracts its spontaneity and inner freedom, and it is his dedication and excellent organisational skills. But despite the mutual attraction, the Union still considered to be quite difficult: sooner or later Capricorn will try to establish for your partner clear rules and boundaries, and Aquarius with his desire for freedom will their ever be broken, which can lead to rupture.

Compatibility female Capricorn with the signs of the fire

The best partner among the signs of the fire element for Capricorn is Aries. The woman in this Union can be a reliable support and a loyal friend, helping ambitious Aries to achieve career heights. He brings to their relationship novelty and variety, which sometimes is so lacking conservative female Capricorn.

Another suitable sign of the Zodiac for Capricorn among the representatives of the fire element is Sagittarius. Between them often breaks out a real feeling, but usually the relationship of this couple do not last long, because Sagittarius is too volatile, and the woman-Capricorn is committed to a stable and durable relationship.

Advice 2: What sign fits the Capricorn man

The male Capricorn is characterized by a sense of duty, he is faithful and how to love, building an honest relationship. If he set a goal to achieve something (or someone) will follow the task through to the end. What sign fits the Capricorn man? Whom to achieve going to be the easiest?
Male Capricorn - the dream of many women
One of the characteristic traits of Capricorn men is ambition. He was stern, calculating, and likes to manipulate people. The male Capricorn is very conservative, only respects traditional values. in love and family life, a gruff disciplinarian. All this from the fact that the male Capricorn in the soul is extremely fragile, that tries to defend a hard "shell". A woman who will uncover the man of Capricorn, will be behind him as behind a stone wall.

The role of the most suitable partners Capricorn man many claim signs. But the best options – Taurus, Gemini, Leos and Capricorns.

Cozy fortress

Taurus woman and Capricorn man form a very good Union. Both like stability, safety, financial solvency. Both are ready to work hard this hard. They will be able to become one and to live in his house as in a fortress, cut off from the outside world. Each other and comfortable hearth them will be enough for happiness.

A good addition

Union with a woman Gemini to Capricorn men are very attractive. Support in any difficult situation and complete understanding, he assured. In addition, the Gemini woman will share all the beliefs of Capricorn about home and family values and will respect his ability to earn money and build a life. Women young Twins shower and lots of boundless energy. Men Capricorns principles and experience. They will complement each other and create a strong happy family.

Great Union

Surprisingly, men Capricorn can create a perfect Union with the female Lion. It might seem like cold, calculating, conservative Capricorn can "connect" with this powerful, ambitious and wasteful person? And that she can find? And he's in it? Capricorn man, having met his "lioness", literally captivated by her grace and temperament. His inability and unwillingness to show emotions with success kompensiruet emotionality Royal partner. But his ambition near friend is satisfied completely. A woman and money is not sorry. The Union sometimes "explosive", but the danger comes only from the female Lion. Capricorn is ready to tolerate her ambitions, understand all the movements of her soul and the first character to meet the needs of the body.

Perfect compatibility

But the most favorable partner for the Capricorn man – Capricorn woman. They both are interested in stable relationships, they have the same objectives, goals and ways of achieving them. They understand each other perfectly and respect the inner world and beliefs of each other. This couple can be truly happy life.
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