Advice 1: What Zodiac sign fits the female Capricorn

The woman-Capricorn is very demanding and conservative. It is suitable for partner selection in great detail and appreciate the traditional views on family and relationships. According to astrologers, the most passionate and emotionally intense, the unions have a female Capricorn with signs of fire and water – Scorpio and Aries, and the most stable and durable – with the signs of the earth element.

Compatibility female Capricorn with the signs of the earth

The female Capricorn are perfect all the representatives of the earth element: Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. In a couple of Capricorn with a Taurus there is complete harmony. Both are practical, purposeful, appreciate stability and comfort, have the same views on family and relationships. The only downside of this Union is that often he is not too passionate. The same can be said of the other two combinations: the relationship between a female Capricorn with a Virgo or with the same sign is difficult to call it passionate and emotional. But both of these characters are for her practical ideal partners, each of which she can create a happy and lasting Union.

Compatibility female Capricorn with the signs of water

Among the water signs the best partners for Capricorn are Scorpio and Cancer. Male-Scorpio brings to her life a passion and vivid emotions, and she gives him stability. Both partners are configured to serious relationships, so their Union can be very long and durable. Male Cancer is also very well suited to the Capricorn family life, but the partner may not make financial simplicity and low ambitions.

Compatibility female Capricorn with the signs of the air

The only sign of the air element, which is Capricorn good compatibility is Aquarius. It attracts its spontaneity and inner freedom, and it is his dedication and excellent organisational skills. But despite the mutual attraction, the Union still considered to be quite difficult: sooner or later Capricorn will try to establish for your partner clear rules and boundaries, and Aquarius with his desire for freedom will their ever be broken, which can lead to rupture.

Compatibility female Capricorn with the signs of the fire

The best partner among the signs of the fire element for Capricorn is Aries. The woman in this Union can be a reliable support and a loyal friend, helping ambitious Aries to achieve career heights. He brings to their relationship novelty and variety, which sometimes is so lacking conservative female Capricorn.

Another suitable sign of the Zodiac for Capricorn among the representatives of the fire element is Sagittarius. Between them often breaks out a real feeling, but usually the relationship of this couple do not last long, because Sagittarius is too volatile, and the woman-Capricorn is committed to a stable and durable relationship.

Advice 2 : What's the sign for a man-Capricorn

The man born under the sign of Capricorn, has an incredible ambition. It is prudent and can be very severe. In marriage he is a supporter of traditional family values. Often the representatives of this Zodiac sign are trying to cover up his gentle, vulnerable nature of the hard shell. To create a family and choice of friends Capricorn is serious and responsible. Random people in his life not the place.
What's the sign for a man-Capricorn

Love and romance

The Capricorn man – Taurus woman. These two are made for each other. Full understanding and provides a solid Foundation for strong families. They will continually develop and improve each other over time, their much closer. Beautiful and strong Alliance for years to come.

Male Capricorn female Leo. This Alliance of two strong personalities. A happy marriage is possible if both partners will make concessions and will treat each other with respect and understanding.

Male Capricorn female Virgo. Virgo brings their relationship is a constant novelty and helps the Capricorn to relax and to open my soul and heart. A good psychological relationship and strong family relationships.

Male Capricorn female Libra. If they've developed feelings, then this couple must endure many trials to be together. A male Capricorn will balance the unstable emotional state of a woman that will contribute to their mutual spiritual development. Marriage can be a long and happy, but full harmony of these two goals will become extremely difficult.

Male Capricorn female Sagittarius. It is the Union of the two lovers, that will be very difficult in family life. Capricorn and Sagittarius are simply created in order to experience the most vivid and unforgettable romantic adventure, but nothing more.

The Capricorn man – Capricorn woman. They completely fit each other. They have full compatibility and understanding. They share common interests, their goals coincide. A strong and long Union that can be born happy kids.

Friendship and business relations

Capricorn and Taurus. These signs share similar concerns, interests and priorities in life. Two of the materialist, they will always find common cause. In business this is a great and fruitful Union. Love to work and responsible attitude firmly unites representatives of these signs.

Capricorn and Gemini. In business relationships this is one of the best options. A talented performer Twin and a wise leader Capricorn - it is in this ratio you can achieve good results in work.

Capricorn and Cancer. Their position in life is largely similar. In friendship they complement each other. The realism of Capricorn directs the creative Cancers in the right direction. In business, everything develops successfully, if Capricorn plays the role of the leader, and Cancer to its agent.

Capricorn and Virgo. The friendship between these two characters will develop well. They have so much in common in all spheres of life, their Outlook on life. Such friendships can last a lifetime. In business this is a very effective and durable Union of two equal professionals.

Capricorn and Libra. Business can develop a constructive relationship. Together they are able to sign any contract. Diplomatic Libra and a tough Manager Capricorn.

Capricorn and Scorpio. They can be friends. This is a solid Union where everyone can come to the aid of each. Unites their joint goal, and the leisure time they spend together is very interesting. In business this tandem is almost impossible to resist no matter who the captain. They complement each other.

Capricorn and Aquarius. The work provided a strong partnership. Innovation and fresh ideas of Aquarius will be in demand cold and pragmatic Capricorn. It is the Union of the inventor–theorist and leader–practice.

Capricorn and Pisces. In friendship these two will become a reliable support for each other. Fish are always ready to help in difficult times and to heal the wounds of Capricorn, and that, in turn, may cause Fish practical support. Business relations develop harmoniously. Fish are simply irreplaceable, when the Capricorn will need to establish business relationships and create a positive image for the firm.

Advice 3 : Which sign suits the Capricorn woman

There are horoscope signs compatible, has – part, and there are full antagonists. Before good idea to check the astrological sign of your partner for compatibility with your sign. If you are a Capricorn, who should be your man?
The best partner for Capricorn women

Solid, wealthy and faithful

Women Capricorns are lone wolves, quite closed, proud and impregnable. Subconsciously they build up an invisible barrier between themselves and other people. And always leave a piece of your inner world inaccessible to others, even the closest. Despite this, women Capricorns really need a close person who will understand them and accept as they are. Women Capricorns need family, they are very needy, sensitive, receptive, able to deeply experience and capable of the most strong and deep feelings. Capricorn woman comes to love very seriously. She prefers one partner for life. Therefore, the choice must be correct. Who will be able to overcome the barrier erected by the woman with a Capricorn, do not be afraid ostentatious strictness and severity? Who does not alienate the restraint and inaccessibility?

In fact, the Capricorn woman needs a partner thorough, wealthy, nepotism, economic, loyal, a good father. Of course, these characteristics are not suitable for all Zodiac signs. The choice of a Capricorn woman have to do between Taurus, Virgo, Cancer and Capricorn.

Between Taurus, Virgo, Cancer and Capricorn

In Taurus woman Capricorn can involve a material component. He is renowned for ability to earn money because it is an Earth sign, the fixed sign. Taurus is not only can make money, but can accumulate and will never become waste for nothing. Taurus lives in comfort, delicious eats and surrounds himself with fine things. He would give expensive gifts and sensitive to home and family. Him Capricorn woman will reach affluent and comfortable existence in the same team.

Virgo woman Capricorn captivating ability to find profitable business and win-win projects. Virgo – a cynic and pedant. But a Woman Capricorn likes to deal with a person who is responsible for their words and actions, and not live in a world of fantasy and emotions. Their home will be a cosy nest, and life is measured and calm.

Cancer is a little more emotional than virgin. But in tandem with a Capricorn woman, he will quickly get rid of this habit and will appreciate the loyalty and inner charm of the female partner. Pair Capricorn-Cancer will lead long conversations and to work together for the common good. And cheerful nature of Cancer and its periodic treatments "in themselves" will be perceived by the female Capricorn with respect and understanding.

With regard to couples Capricorn+Capricorn is perhaps the most fruitful Union. The nature of Capricorn men is difficult. The woman in this pair is forced to be more flexible. But "the confrontation between the horns. Though, because a Capricorn will give the partner complete understanding, constant care and a strong financial position.
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