The nature of Capricorn is solid and practical. He is alien to romantic manifestations, he does not like to flaunt their feelings. So, trying to get them interested, you need to be observant as possible, to feel how it reacts to your society, light up his eyes when he looks at you if you are nice to him.
Capricorn with his early youth is committed to creating family. He wants a serious, strong relationship. Fleeting romances and one-night stand don't attract him. Therefore, frivolous, flighty, too Flirty girl not interested in him. In the opposite field he is looking for purity, loyalty, modesty, sincerity, and the ability to obey. If you think that the virtuous qualities you are missing, you can safely leave all attempts to fall in love with a Capricorn.
The man-Capricorn, though vicious, but strong-willed character. These people achieve much in life, often take the place of leaders. Naturally, a man needs a companion, for which he will always be in the first place. Future wife of Capricorn must take care of it, to support, to create a favorable atmosphere for life.
Boys-Capricorns are attached to their mothers. This attachment they are carrying through life. If you want to bind to a man, surround it with maternal care, and maintain a good relationship with his family - for Capricorn is very important.
Despite the fact that male-Capricorn is serious, withdrawn and silent, he has a great sense of humor. It's easy to communicate and find common language with people. He usually has a lot of friends. If Capricorn introduces you to them, you know, he feels for you serious feelings.
The representatives of this zodiac sign is perhaps the most faithful companions of the life of all other characters. They will never build a relationship without a strong, sincere feelings, and being in a relationship will not be looking at other women. Exceptional loyalty they expected from their chosen. Capricorn - owners, they will not tolerate in the relationship of deception and betrayal.
In bed such men do not always strive for innovations. But if a woman will take the initiative in their hands, they will not resist and will have fun. So you need to please favorite sexy surprises. It will further strengthen his spiritual attachment to you.