Trying to get back Capricorn, keep in mind that man should not guess that you want to start a relationship. If you directly begin to beg a loved one to forgive you, he probably will show to you indifference and inattention. But if you suddenly disappear from his sight, after a while, the Capricorn himself will look for meeting with you.
Your favorite not in a hurry to call and not to come to you? Think about where you can accidentally meet him. Seeing a glimpse of you, he won't think you specifically looking for him, but feelings can once again fill his heart. He hasn't seen you for quite a long time, tried to extinguish the love, and the sudden encounter will make him think that it is still possible to return.
Engage in self-improvement, find a new hobby, create another image. When you razgovorilas with a former partner, it is surprising that at the time of separation you've changed for the better. This can lead to a new round of your relationship.
Socialize with friends of your lover, find out who of them can become your assistant in such a difficult event. Support from friends not only help you morally, you will always be aware of events occurring in the life of your Capricorn.
If the man agreed to try to return to the relationship, consider that in the past they did not suit him. Perhaps some trait led to quarrels. If you try to remove irritants, Capricorn will feel that you value his love. Try to make the relationship something new. In the soul of man of this sign are romantic, and he will be pleasantly surprised if you make love a surprise. For example, make your Capricorn candlelight dinner, he will appreciate your step. The more of these bright points will appear in your relationship, the stronger the Capricorn will become attached to you.
Do not worry if a man will not at first show any particular emotion. The representative of this sign are very secretive, so you may not take the initiative after the reconciliation, taking a wait and see attitude. Try not to overdo it in their attempts to return to the relationship, Capricorn does not like obsessions. Pretend you do not mind to be with him, but wouldn't be disappointed if nothing happens. This approach will provoke the Capricorn man will try to fall in love with yourself. In the end, chasing this goal, he will become attached to you.