Solid, wealthy and faithful

Women Capricorns are lone wolves, quite closed, proud and impregnable. Subconsciously they build up an invisible barrier between themselves and other people. And always leave a piece of your inner world inaccessible to others, even the closest. Despite this, women Capricorns really need a close person who will understand them and accept as they are. Women Capricorns need family, they are very needy, sensitive, receptive, able to deeply experience and capable of the most strong and deep feelings. Capricorn woman comes to love very seriously. She prefers one partner for life. Therefore, the choice must be correct. Who will be able to overcome the barrier erected by the woman with a Capricorn, do not be afraid ostentatious strictness and severity? Who does not alienate the restraint and inaccessibility?

In fact, the Capricorn woman needs a partner thorough, wealthy, nepotism, economic, loyal, a good father. Of course, these characteristics are not suitable for all Zodiac signs. The choice of a Capricorn woman have to do between Taurus, Virgo, Cancer and Capricorn.

Between Taurus, Virgo, Cancer and Capricorn

In Taurus woman Capricorn can involve a material component. He is renowned for ability to earn money because it is an Earth sign, the fixed sign. Taurus is not only can make money, but can accumulate and will never become waste for nothing. Taurus lives in comfort, delicious eats and surrounds himself with fine things. He would give expensive gifts and sensitive to home and family. Him Capricorn woman will reach affluent and comfortable existence in the same team.

Virgo woman Capricorn captivating ability to find profitable business and win-win projects. Virgo – a cynic and pedant. But a Woman Capricorn likes to deal with a person who is responsible for their words and actions, and not live in a world of fantasy and emotions. Their home will be a cosy nest, and life is measured and calm.

Cancer is a little more emotional than virgin. But in tandem with a Capricorn woman, he will quickly get rid of this habit and will appreciate the loyalty and inner charm of the female partner. Pair Capricorn-Cancer will lead long conversations and to work together for the common good. And cheerful nature of Cancer and its periodic treatments "in themselves" will be perceived by the female Capricorn with respect and understanding.

With regard to couples Capricorn+Capricorn is perhaps the most fruitful Union. The nature of Capricorn men is difficult. The woman in this pair is forced to be more flexible. But "the confrontation between the horns. Though, because a Capricorn will give the partner complete understanding, constant care and a strong financial position.