High humidity causes the growth of cucumber lashes, which constitute the shading. Therefore, the side shoots must be removed. If not removed, will increase the growth of shoots and leaves, flowering and fruit formation, will slow its pace. In addition, bees can't pollinate a single flower.
The increased soil humidity and cold hinder the flow of air to the root system, with the result that it appears in the rot and the plant dies. To help the cucumbers to grow and bear fruit on both sides of a cucumber patch to do a puncture with a fork at a distance of 20 cm will provide the access of oxygen to the root system of cucumbers. Loosen the roots with your hoe, in order not to disturb the root system of plants.
To help ovaries to develop, and not to fall above the patch install metal arches so they were a frame for a greenhouse, and cover with foil. Open the film a day on the South side of 20 cm, it will provide access for the bees. In the cool days and cold nights film lower to the ground, it will save cucumbers from powdery mildew.