In the heat of summer it is very nice to eat a salad freshly picked from the garden cucumbers. One can hardly find a vegetable garden where we don't grow them. With good care you can get cucumbers with a rather pleasant taste, but can grow and those that in their mouth it is impossible to take because of the strong bitterness.

Why do cucumbers grow bitter

The bitterness of the cucumbers attached to cucurbitacin – a special substance, the appearance of which is evidence that the conditions for the development and growth of plants are extremely unfavorable, and the cucumbers don't have enough minerals, light and moisture.

Mainly kukurbitatsin accumulates in those places where the peduncle is attached, and the skin around this place. It is possible to soften the bitter taste, if you cut the tails off and peel the cucumber from the skin. This method can be used if the cucumber to eat to be raw. If you make these cucumbers half kukurbitatsin in the processing himself.

Reduction of bitterness of the cucumber so perfectly suited as emergency measures. But it is much better to try to ensure that the cucumbers are ripening the conditions under which they will have a good taste.

How to grow cucumbers without bitterness

Kukurbitatsin has an antitumor effect, and therefore completely exclude it from food also should not be. It contains all of the cucumbers, but they start to taste bitter only when its concentration in the fetus is too high. Its content may change during prolonged cold, sudden change of temperature, irregular watering, and when watering, use cold water. That is, the appearance of bitterness always happens after any stress to the plants.

We must try to minimize such surprises. Watering cucumbers produce in warm, dry weather, water should be warm. In the heat it is better to water in small doses, about once in three days. Soil moisture to produce 10 cm in Time should be Wrigley cucumbers. Picking the fruits, you cannot flip whip.

Cucumbers do not like fresh manure when feeding it is better to use calcium, potassium nitrate. Able to reduce the content cucurbitacin in cucumber nitrogen. You can still strengthen your own immune system cucumbers, what is it used for sprayers "Novosil", "EPIN-extra", etc.

Less bitterness in cucumbers grown in the open ground, in rich nitrogen soil. Little shade and the humidity about 60% of the benefit and slow down the formation of cucurbitacin. In young plants the concentration of a substance is much smaller than the old one.