Reason # 1 – the pollinators. A large number of varieties of cucumber need the pollinators, mainly bees, which carry pollen grains of different flowers cucumber whip. If the bees cannot cope with this task, the cucumbers will have to pollinate yourself. This can be done with a soft brush or broken blossoms.

In order to avoid such problems, you should pay attention to hybrid varieties of cucumbers, their packaging is marked with F1, they do not require additional fertilization.


Reason # 2 – hot weather. All varieties of cucumbers, whether they pollinated or hybrid, if the air temperature is above 35 degrees, the pollen becomes sterile. This problem is easily avoided by choosing a comfortable time for planting.


Reason # 3 – strong saudinos landings. Follow the instructions about distance between plants indicated on the seed pack. For different varieties, they an individual.


Reason # 4 – waterlogged soil. Cucumbers will feel uncomfortable if waterlogged soil at the time of pollination of plants, this can lead to loss of crops.


Reason # 5 – a large number of nitrogen fertilizers. Increasing doses of nitrogen fertilizers greatly affects the nutritional balance of plants, with the result that they may not bear fruit.