After sprouting, when the sprouts are formed at least 3 leaves, cucumber it is recommended to treat such a composition: to one bucket of water, take 1 liter milk 30 drops of iodine and about 20 grams of soap. Spray the plants of such a composition preferably every 10-12 days.

Dilute in a bucket of water 150 g of sugar and 2 litres of whey. The resulting solution should be watered and sprayed cucumbers. This spose suitable for pepper. Usually soon after the procedure, on the plant there are new ovaries.

You can simply dilute in water, milk whey, taking 5 liters of water 1 liter of serum and spray solution over the cucumbers.

Sometimes, the leaves turn yellow due to a simple lack of watering. Try to adjust watering and maybe the leaves will stop yellowing.

Helps prevent yellowing of leaves solution made from onion skins. Jar volume of 700 ml tamp onion skin, then put the husks in a bowl of water, a volume of 10 l and put on fire. Bring the liquid to a boil, then remove from the heat, cover the container with a lid and leave the broth for 12 hours. The cooled and filtered liquid dilute with water by taking 1 quart 4 liters of water. Then you need to liberally spray the tops of the cucumber, and the remaining liquid to water the beds.

Soak the bread in water (should take about a bucket of water) and leave overnight. In the morning mash the bread and pour in a bucket of a bottle of iodine. The resulting liquid should be diluted with water (1 l of solution take a bucket of water) and spray the cucumbers. This should be done at least every 2 weeks. Unused solution can be stored in a cool dark place.

All these methods will prevent yellowing cucumber leaves and allow them to remain green until autumn.