Cucumbers are very delicious and nutritious, they contain large amount of mineral substances, which the body needs. Of course, you always want to get a good harvest, while spending as little time and effort. If properly grown cucumber seedlings and to look after it correctly, you can not only save your harvest and in all weather conditions, but also to increase it several times.

How to grow strong seedlings of cucumbers?

First of all, you should know that not a single plant does not like direct links, so, for growing seedlings of cucumbers you need to purchase peat pots that can be buried together with the plant, without damaging the delicate root system. Can soak and process the seeds as you used to do it. Most importantly - planting cucumber in individual containers. It is very important to follow the rule - do not fill the pot to the top, on the contrary, leave it a wide berth. The growth of the cucumber you from time to time will add to the pot soil. This will form a very strong, deeper root system and the plant itself will be more healthy.

How to care for the cucumbers to increase their productivity?

Cucumbers should be regularly loosened. This must be done after every watering or after a rain. However, too deep loosening is not necessary, because the roots of cucumbers are fairly close to the surface. Regular tillage promotes good growth and the formation of a strong plant.

At a time when the cucumbers there is a third real leaf, it's time to Spud. Be careful not to damage the roots and young juicy stems. When watering remember that the soil surface near the stem should be kept dry, this will prevent rot and various fungal diseases. For this reason, cucumbers are easier to grow in greenhouses or under cover. So you can be sure that rain water will not contribute to rotting stems and leaves.

If you want to increase the harvest of cucumbers, try to mulch the plants with peat or compost. This will allow the cucumbers to better retain moisture and nutrients, and therefore, will increase the number of fruits.
If the summer is very hot, your cucumbers, of course, will require more frequent watering. Because these plants like moisture. Remember that watering cucumbers can only be warm water, otherwise the plants will get sick. Do not forget and about the formation of plants. This will help you to increase the harvest of cucumbers, in addition, you will be more convenient to take care of the plants. When the cucumber added a fifth leaf, you have pinched it, but not fingers, and a knife. Just cut off the stem of the cucumber between the fifth and sixth sheet, which at this point should be in its embryonic form. This pinching sends all the power plants on the formation of side shoots, and after all, they are formed cucumbers.

Don't forget that as soon as the cucumber fruits reach the size of a provided grade, they should be immediately removed, and better to do it without hands and with a knife. If at least one cucumber much rot, the further bearing may be stopped, this is because all of the power plant will give a forgotten cucumber. Be careful when harvesting the fruit.

It is believed that if every two weeks to water the cucumbers with water and milk, it could significantly accelerate their growth.
Water the cucumbers only at the root, otherwise they can affect powdery mildew. This is useful if you tie up your cucumbers so that their contact with the ground is minimized. Cucumber tendrils are very sharp. If you properly tie the plant, then his mustache would guide the growth of cucumbers up for support. And, of course, if you notice that some leaves are rotten or affected by parasites, do not forget their pick.