Causes of bitterness in cucumbers

It used to be that the reason for the bitterness of cucumbers was insufficient watering. But now to the reasons of bitterness include, and others:

  1. Dry air;
  2. Dry soil;
  3. The emergence in cucumber cucurbitacin;
  4. Watering with ice water;
  5. A large number of lighting;
  6. Wrong billet planting seeds;
  7. Poor quality seeds;
  8. The temperature difference;
  9. Poor soil.

How to properly care for cucumbers

Cucumbers like moist, fertile and light soil. Watering should be them in warm water, especially in hot weather. Should monitor the temperature differential. In hot weather open the Windows in the greenhouse, and the cold tightly shut everything down. You should not plant cucumbers in the hot sun, they like some shade.

For a rich harvest often use fertilizer that contains nitrogen.

Correct harvesting seeds is another condition for a tasty pickles. Take the seeds be from the middle of the cucumber.

Can I eat bitter cucumbers?

Although bitter cucumbers are not so good, but they are very useful. After all, the substance which gives bitterness, great fights cancer cells, improves digestion.

What to do with bitter cucumbers?

These cucumbers can be salted or canned. When treated with boiling water, the substance splits cucurbitacin and taste the bitterness disappears.