Inappropriate conditions for growing. Watering cucumbers need to be implemented quite often. This water-loving plant. Lack of moisture affects the yellowing of the ovary and the leaves. Irrigation is carried out better in the early hours or late in the evening every day if the weather is dry enough. Additional forage in the form of wood ash and urea will provide cucumbers with potassium and nitrogen. Useful substances are contained in cow, chicken litter, so basal dressing should be made at the slightest sign of weakness.
If the cucumbers turn yellow ovaries, then most likely, they remain napylenie. Often insects are not able to pollinate the ovary, and it turn yellow and fall off. Yields are given only pollinated plants. It is necessary to ensure the access of insects to the ovaries in a confined space (if it's a greenhouse or a greenhouse), but if this is not possible, to make pollination by hand. The best solution would be the cultivation of self-pollinated varieties and hybrids.
Sudden temperature drops may well be the reason why cucumbers turn yellow ovaries, and the yield decreases. The reason lies in the ability of cucumber roots absorb nutrients only when the temperature is above 10°C. At low temperatures the capacity is reduced to a minimum, and the ovaries begin to lose nutrients and yellowing. Such differences contribute to the development of fungal diseases of cucumber roots and their mass loss. In this case, can only save feeding roots.
What if yellow ovaries of cucumber, though the temperature is quite reasonable, and timely watering. It is possible that the cause of all this hot sun. To transplant cucumbers need on the shaded areas. Bright sun can burn the leaves and ovaries, especially if they are with the irrigation water. Therefore, watering should be only at the root, avoiding contact with the ovary.
Lose parasites such as aphids, spider mites, lead to the defeat of cucumber vines. Ovaries do not have time to bear fruit. If yellow ovaries of cucumber, you should carefully check the plant for the presence of parasites. Upon detection of such problems should be spraying a special tool.
Are able to affect cucumbers and bacteriosis. Too high humidity can lead to shock, therefore, if you notice bacteriosis should spray the plant with Bordeaux solution.
A large number of ovaries can also lead to yellowing. Because a large number of ovaries consumes much more nutrients. Therefore, at one end, their number should not exceed 30. Proper and timely care culture will allow you to obtain a high yield of cucumbers.