Parents need to treat the issue of baptism of the child responsibly – they must choose for him a caring and faithful godparents. These people will answer before God for the spiritual development and education of the goddaughter or godson. So the godfather or godmother may be just really believing and baptized people. The child's parents can't be godparents, but can be invited as godparents other relatives – grandparents, sisters or brothers. Before you can baptize a child must negotiate in the Church about the date and time of the sacrament. Well, if You meet and talk with the priest who will conduct the ceremony. Ask him if you can photograph or take a video camera the sacrament of baptism, as different priests have different attitudes to this issue. If you want you can spend the sacrament of baptism at home – it is necessary to invite a priest to yourself. Decide in advance what name will baptize your child. Unfortunately, often the Church and secular a person's name do not match. In the Orthodox calendar is missing many common names, therefore, to baptize the child in the birth certificate which is written, for example, the name Ruslan, have, under the name of Rostislav. And the girl, and my parents chose the name ina, you will have to baptize under John's name. Don't forget to prepare in advance all that will be needed for the rite. Purchase pectoral cross with chain for baby and a great new towel that the baby will need to wrap up immediately after the ceremony. You will also need a small bag, which is after the baptism the priest will put a little lock of baby's hair (she cut off in a sign that the child is in the bosom of the Church). Bring a baby blanket, the documents of one of the parents and birth certificate of the child. The godfather or godmother during the baptism you will need to read the prayer called the "Symbol of Faith", so if they don't know the text of the prayer by heart, better to be safe and grab a piece of paper with written prayer. Parents and godparents of the child are required to wear their pectoral cross, women in front of the Church have their heads covered. Clothes of all the guests present at the sacrament of baptism, should be modest and befitting the solemn moment. The rite of baptism usually takes about 40-50 minutes, and the culmination of the process is the immersion of the child into the font. Don't be nervous and don't worry – usually the priests perform all the procedures pretty carefully. Your peace of mind is a guarantee that the child will feel comfortable and relaxed.