Catechetical talks this kind of lectures for those wishing to take the sacrament of baptism. Covers the basics of the Orthodox faith, Christian ethics. The purpose of catechetical talks is to prepare believers to conscious acceptance of the sacrament of joining the Church. Themselves catechetical conversations can include both the lecture immediately prior to the ordinances, and the whole lecture cycle in a few months. During the last wishing to be baptized attend an Orthodox Church and learn about the basics of the Christian faith.

Catechetical conversation its history dates back to the first centuries of Christianity. So, in the ancient Christian Church there was a special Institute announcement, there were catechetical schools, which wants to accept the baptism of knowledge about Christianity for a long time (several years). Historically, this has affected the fact that in the first centuries of Christianity the baptized people knew the basic tenets of Christianity. Unbaptized people who attend catechetical courses, referred to in the first century published.

In modern times the catechetical meetings are held for adults wishing to be baptized, but also for godparents. In catechetical conversations declaring the Christian doctrine of God as the Holy Trinity, describes the deity of Jesus Christ, explains the main points of Christian moral teaching. Some catechetical cycles of conversations, wishing to be baptized can briefly learn about the history of the Christian Church. Also on catechetical talks given instructions godfather: due last obligations to their godchildren, but also explains the liability of the heirs before God for religious education and churching of the child.