According to Church canons, it is customary to perform the Sacrament of Baptism on the 40th day of a child's life, but simply the establishment on this point. Largely this is due to the postpartum condition and restore the mother's body. For entry into the temple, she must receive the blessing of the priest after reading a special prayer. If the baby is sick, the priest can invite home or in hospital before this time.
In General, the Church allowed to baptize a child in any day if the parents so wish, as long as their intention to raise the child in the Christian faith was solid. Prohibitions and restrictions on any days for the sacrament of Baptism no, but in the specific Church can have their own rules, therefore, choosing the date, confirm with the Ministers.
Very often the ceremony is held for several baptized at the same time, but if you want to commit only your child, make arrangements with the priest on that day, when the other none.
Many mothers and grandmothers are afraid to baptize the kids in the cold season, because they are immersed in water and being wet they can get cold. If you are among such parents, it is better to wait until the established warm weather.
In the old days babies were names of saints whose memory had on the day of the baptism. Now you can act the opposite way: look in the Church calendar, the date on which celebrated the memory of saints, then the following birthday of your child, and baptize the baby.
It is possible to time the baptism to the Church festivals of Easter, the Trinity, the Kazan icon of the Mother of God, etc. But please note that at this time in the temple is a large crowd of people, and the baby could get scared.
Consider the individual characteristics of the child: age, relationships with others, how it will behave in the hands of the godparents, etc. six-month baby is capable of perceiving the rite quietly, and in 2-3 months – to turn around and cry.
In addition, the tradition of the Church prohibiting women to visit the temple during menstruation, so it is important that the day of the baptism was not for his godmother for this period.