Causes of stomach cramps

To get rid of the stomach cramps, you need to install the cause that called them. All stomach cramps are divided into 2 groups: organic and functional. Organic occur because of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (stomach ulcer, erosions, gastritis, gastroduodenitis). Causes of spasms are functional metabolic and neurological disorders, stress, fatigue, hypothermia, alcohol and food poisoning, the abuse of coffee and cigarettes, food allergies, improper diet, medication. During pregnancy gastro spasms are caused from overeating and from the constant pressure of the fetus on the stomach. Spasm of the stomach, usually accompanied by sudden severe pain, appear retching, nausea. The symptoms of spasm of the stomach also include abdominal bloating, feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

Treatment stomach spasms

To prevent digestive spasms, you must respect the day and rest, to give up bad habits, eat right. You want to exclude from the diet of fatty meals, spicy condiments: mustard, pepper, horseradish, garlic. You should eat mostly cooked food, limit the use of strong tea, coffee. Stomach cramps will be useful coniferous baths with a water temperature of 34-35oC. They have a calming and relaxing effect. The duration of the bath should be 15-20 minutes.

Of drugs cramps used aluminum-magnesium antacids (Maalox", "Almagell"), they help to reduce acidity of gastric contents. The patient also prescribe medication that affects gastric secretion ("Famotidine" - a blocker of H2 histamine receptors, "Omeprazole" is a proton pump inhibitor) and prokinetics (Domperidone of metoclopramid"). If the pain in the stomach caused by nervous spasm, are used antidepressants and sedatives. Pain relieved with antispasmodic drugs - "Drotaverine", "no-Spa". The patient should drink warm water, lie down and apply to the belly warmer.

As folk remedies to treat spasms of the stomach used a decoction of rice. Need to add a little powder of dried ginger root. The decoction is taken warm. When the spasms and helps the infusion of Mandarin peels For its preparation you need to grind 40 grams of dried tangerine peels and 20 grams dry ginger root. One dessert spoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water, leave for ten minutes and then drink.