Determine the cause of intestinal spasms. To do this, consult your doctor, he will spend the necessary examination and make a diagnosis. Irritation of the intestine may occur as a result of many diseases, among them as relatively harmless SARS and affects body intestinal obstruction. The most common causes of spasms - poisoning stale food or toxins, adhesions and tumors of the intestine, the presence of helminthes (worms), a permanent syndrome of the irritable intestine (IBS). Also spasserovannye can be caused by nervous disorders and even influenza.
If spasms of the intestine - the result of simple overeating, drink spazmolitik (for example, "Baralgin", "Spazgan", "Nospanum"), or at least put an injection of papaverine. In the next eight hours and avoid any food, drink warm water or green tea. In the next few days, be on a diet: restrict access to the gas-forming products (soda water, cabbage, black bread, and so on), choose gentle food, baked or boiled.
Include in the daily diet of oatmeal porridge on the water with a minimum of salt and sugar, or a decoction of oatmeal. Alternatively, steep two and a half cups of water Cup of the mixture of cereals oats and rice and eat every morning for Breakfast. Avoid fried, fatty gross food, mechanically damaging the intestines. It includes corn flakes, bread with cereals, raw vegetables and fruits, as well as irritating the walls of the intestine chocolate. Eggs replace the quail, milk - one percent yogurt, and sugar with honey if not allergic.
Use the advice of traditional medicine after consultation with your doctor. Purchase pharmacy collection No. 1 or 2, separately or herbs chamomile, sage, yarrow, Valerian, juniper, fennel and take them as prescribed on the package.