You will need
  • - Nospanum, baralgin;
  • - chamomile flowers;
  • grass sage, chamomile flowers, grass centaury.
The frequent attacks of spasm of the intestines need to go to a medical facility where a doctor (a therapist, but preferably a gastroenterologist) will appoint to pass the examination of the gastrointestinal tract by means of colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy, to pass a General analysis of blood and urine and analysis for the presence of helminths, which are a common cause of spasm of the intestine. After a full examination, depending on the causes of the spasms will be assigned to medication.
As "the ambulance can not take more than 2 tablets shpy or tablets baralgin, which relieve muscle spasm.
It is also recommended to go at the time of treatment on a diet number 4, which eliminates the consumption of products from butter and warm dough, fatty meats and fish, pickles and smoked, marinades and all types of canned food, sausages, cold drinks and ice cream, vegetables and fruits in its natural form, mushrooms, legumes, chocolate and seasonings. Food should be in liquid or semi-liquid state, boiled in water or steamed. The eating 4-5 times a day in small portions.
Also use the traditional medicine. Chamomile, calamus root, and elecampane, Helichrysum and yarrow, centaury, mint, and sage, sanguisorba officinalis and Potentilla erect – this is not a complete list of medicinal plants, perfectly helps with intestinal cramps.
With a slight spasm brew a tablespoon of chamomile and insisted for one hour, filter and take 30 ml every 2 hours during the day. In the following days, take 50 ml of the infusion every 4 hours. The course for 7-10 days.
For a long time in chronic intestinal cramps you can take the next drug collection. Mix 1 teaspoon minced sage leaves, chamomile flowers and centaury herbs, the herbal collection brewed Cup of boiling water, steep for 30 minutes. Filter, take within the first 2-3 days of a tablespoon every 2 hours during the day, 50 ml – at night, in the following days, and 30 ml 3-4 times a day an hour before meals. The course is 3-4 months.
Often to get rid of intestinal colic helps adherence to very simple rules of eating and thorough chewing of solid food that she received in the stomach into a semiliquid state. Eating should not be accompanied by a talk, reading, watching TV – while the person does not notice the size of the pieces, but still poorly chewed, he swallowed. It is impossible to wash down the food with cold drinks, especially sodas. You should not eat meals that causes the slightest doubt about their freshness.