Causes of muscle spasms

Muscle spasms occur for a number of reasons. Blame can be stressful, which muscle tissue is always in tension. Cramping is common after trauma, excessive exercise, and with a long presence in the same position, e.g. sitting at a computer. Muscle pain in the area of the peritoneum caused due to weight lifting, overeating, gas, diarrhea, constipation.

Quickly to relieve muscle spasm

Alone to remove the spasm of the abdominal muscles can be one touch in the primary somatosensory cortex. In this case, will increase blood circulation and muscle relax.

If you often have muscle spasms, in this case, the massage. It is best done after taking a warm bath. Massage improves blood circulation, thus stimulates nerve endings and relaxes muscle tissue. To improve the circulation of the douches. You need to alternate hot and cold water, hot dilates blood vessels, cold constricts. Insufficient intake of dietary calcium or its poor absorption contributes to the spasms.
After self-massage to the muscle you should apply heat. Better bottle with warm water, not electric heating pad.

If the spasm of the abdominal muscles are caught off guard, you need to try to relax and stretch the muscle repeatedly. This will help to release lactic acid and to relax muscle tissue. Spasms often occur in cold weather. So sick place to grind, use sesame oil or any massage oil.
Calcium in the human body responsible for muscle relaxation.

Spasms in the region of the peritoneum will be helpful to drink a glass of warm milk. Milk reduces the acidity in the stomach, tense muscle tissue, besides, it contains much-needed calcium.

Medication spasms is assigned only in case of their frequent recurrence, and when there is a disease: diabetes, anemia, low back pain, multiple sclerosis. While prescribed antispasmodic anti-inflammatory drugs: Allergy, Ketonal, Ketorol. For treating spasms in muscle tissues effectively acupuncture and manual therapy.

Make muscle pain can be, but its better to follow preventive measures to harden, less nervous, do not overexert, avoid static loads, quit bad habits, lead a healthy active lifestyle, doing exercises of stretching.