Advice 1: How to treat gastrointestinal tract

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract has 90% of the population. They may appear digestive disorders, heartburn, flatulence, pain, nausea, vomiting, feeling of heaviness and fullness after eating. If you have one or two of these symptoms, you should consult a doctor to the gastroenterologist, to complete a full course examinations. The doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.
How to treat gastrointestinal tract
You will need
  • - consultation with a gastroenterologist;
  • complete examination;
  • - medications prescribed by a doctor;
  • diet;
  • - grass.
The examination of the gastrointestinal tract applies an abdominal ultrasound, sensing, General and biochemical analyses. Based on surveys, the doctor will prescribe the adequate treatment. In addition to the main therapy you can use home methods.
First of all, it is necessary to establish stable operation of the gastrointestinal tract by using natural remedies and diet. If the acidity is increased, should be excluded from the diet of fatty, spicy and canned food, sausages, frankfurters, sausages, baked products, sweets, fast foods.
Meals should be frequent and fractional. In the main, the diet must include natural cereals, boiled vegetables, bread with cereals. Meat eat low-fat varieties, in milled form.
At night drink a glass of enriched kefir, yogurt with high acidity is not recommended. Of digestion use boiled beets with vegetable oil, mashed potatoes, Hercules. Well helps the infusion of flax seed. For its preparation take a table spoon of flax seed, pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 15 minutes, stir and drink during the day 30 minutes before meals. Strain the infusion not necessary.
For the treatment of gastro-intestinal tract can also use herbs. Valerian, calamus, watch, thyme, centaury, anise, chamomile, mint, yarrow. Herbs should be brewed in a thermos at the rate of one tablespoon per 500 g. water. Take half a glass thirty minutes before eating. Can use the pharmacy of gastric fees.
Try to avoid coffee, strong tea, cigarettes, alcohol, and sugar. Instead of sugar use honey, which helps digestion and healing of ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract.
Every morning drink a glass of alkaline mineral water without gas. If you use diet to restore the normal cleansing function of the gastrointestinal tract fails, it is possible to use a natural product Hay de or fruity chewing pellets.
How to treat? The symptoms of chronic gastritis. Sore in the stomach, heartburn, flatulence are all signs of gastritis. Gastritis affects a very large number of people. Among the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is a major gastritis and gastric erosion.
Useful advice
How to treat stomach. Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer apply following treatment. In chronic diseases of the stomach - gastritis, ulcers, and inflammation of the colon every day throughout the month to eat up to 8 grams of propolis, this takes a long time to chew, this is best done on an empty stomach.

Advice 2: How to treat staph infection of the oral cavity

Staph infection today is one of the most common and dangerous. The organism infects the gastrointestinal tract (causing diarrhea and vomiting), as well as the skin, eyes, nose and mouth.
How to treat staph infection of the oral cavity
You will need
  • - tincture of the berries such as raspberries, rosehip, cranberries and currants;
  • - decoction of calendula;
  • - decoction of chamomile;
  • - decoction of Hypericum.
The main feature of the development of staphylococcal infection in the oral cavity is a lesion of the mucous membrane. It is covered with sores and swelling. Patients concerned about dry mouth and constant pain. At the first sign of the disease, consult a doctor. Only he will be able to properly diagnose the form of infection. It is not necessary to self-medicate, using antibiotics, as you would be unlikely to pick the right drugs. Staphylococci are very resistant to most types of antibiotics, and therefore it requires deep knowledge and test results.
Use all medications and ointments given to you by a doctor, exactly to his instructions, without changing anything.
You can speed up the healing process and restore your body. Use the recipes of traditional medicine. For example, people infected with staph infection, it is recommended to drink infusions of berries such as raspberry, rose hips, cranberries and currants. These berries contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that positively affect the immune system.
It is useful to rinse your mouth with a decoction of calendula. For its preparation take a teaspoon of the herbs and pour a glass of boiling water. The broth should hold on a water bath for about 10 minutes, then leave for an hour. Strained infusion you can rinse your mouth.
Quite effective is a decoction of chamomile. Take two teaspoons of flowers of this plant, pour 200 ml of boiling water and simmer for five minutes. After that, let the broth cool and strain it. Can now rinse their mouths.
In the presence of infection is useful to drink a decoction of St. John's wort. To do this, take two little spoons of the herbs and pour a glass of boiling water. The liquid needs to steep at least 30 minutes. This tea should be drunk twice a day one Cup.
Remember that immunity to staphylococcal infection in humans have not produced, and therefore no one is immune from recurrence. It is therefore necessary to observe the rules of hygiene, twice a year to take a course of vitamin complexes and to follow the diet.

Advice 3: How to treat a disorder of the stomach of the cow

What is a cow? This, above all, a factory for the processing of forage into meat and milk. Her digestive system is very difficult, gastro-intestinal tract "settled" unique microflora, which is involved in conversion of feed to useful products.
One of the most common problems faced by the farmers engaged in the cultivation and breeding of cattle is an upset stomach from their charges, or simply diarrhea. The cause of stomach disorders in cows often becomes dysbiosis, poisoning, an allergic reaction to food ingredients or veterinary medicines. But it can be a sign of more serious health problems of the animal, so veterinarians do not recommend self-medication. And even more correct method of dealing with manifestations of diarrhea is preventing the observance of certain rules in feeding the animal. The diet of cattle must be rich in fiber and supplemented with vitamin-mineral complexes.

First aid for indigestion in cows

How to treat indigestion in cows and that was his reason, can determine only by a qualified technician. At the first signs of diarrhea in the animal, you must call a veterinarian. Before his arrival, you need to take preliminary measures, that is, to eliminate the dehydration, transfer the animal to a separate cost or facility to eliminate the spread of the disease in case of its infectious origin. The place for keeping cows for the period of treatment and rehabilitation should always be clean, dishes regularly cleaned of food residues, excrements immediately removed.

What drugs are used to treat diarrhea in cows

After examining the animal and determine the severity of the disease, the vet prescribed drugs, determines the duration of treatment and gives recommendations on the content of cow and her diet during this period.

For elimination of parasites as causes of indigestion, can be recommended to use drugs such as "Fasciole" or "Dicrocoeliosis".

Various allergic reactions are reduced with the help of the veterinary form of "Tavegilum, Diazolinum or Suprastinum".

A very common cause of diarrhea in cows becomes a sharp transition from one food to another. In such cases vets usually recommend isolating the animal and to return him to the usual diet. After reducing the symptoms of the disorder, the animal gradually translate into another feed, but separated until complete recovery.

In addition to the drugs recommended by the expert, is also of great importance that the animals be taken care of. The cow during these periods needs constant attention, it is important to track all the changes in her behavior, General condition and, if necessary, call a physician immediately.

Advice 4: How to treat bitter taste in the mouth during pregnancy

Under the influence of pregnancy hormones may slightly disrupt the function of the stomach and gallbladder, the food stagnates, a heartburn and bitter taste in the mouth. To treat this process in pregnant women may be deliberately chosen diet, in rare cases, medicines.
Milk helps to cure the bitter taste in the mouth

To facilitate the work of the gallbladder

During pregnancy a large release of hormones enhances the functioning of the internal glands, so bile is produced in greater quantities than is necessary for the digestion of food. Excess bile juice in the stomach to reduce the acidity and inhibit its evacuation function at the slightest antiperistaltics cuts content from the stomach enters the esophagus and causes bitterness.

To resolve a bitter taste in the mouth should eat easily digestible foods such as vegetables and fruits. The breakdown of the fruit fibers expended a large amount of bile juice, and acidic fruits, such as tangerines and oranges, help to restore the acidity. Be aware that fresh fruits can be eaten 4-5 hours before sleep so the body has time to digest them.

To help cope with the extra bile flow the vegetables that are rich in fiber. Better to eat steamed or boiled culture. Fiber-rich fiber - zucchini, carrots and cabbage. In potatoes higher in starch and carbohydrates, so it can cause reflux of bile into the esophagus and a bitter aftertaste.

To cure the symptom of bitterness in the mouth will help the intake of milk and dairy products. Once in the gastrointestinal tract, they function as an adsorbent, that is, to absorb the bile juice like a sponge and remove it from the body. Dairy products dilute the bile, which helps to raise the acidity to the desired level. Be aware of the fat content of these products - the lower it is, the better for the digestion of a pregnant woman.

To improve peristalsis

If you activate evacuation the stomach, the contents will not stagnate in it and the bitterness will decrease. So necessary for the body products rich in fiber. These include fruits, vegetables and cereals. A Breakfast of oatmeal or barley with added fruit is perfect for the correct operation of the stomach of the expectant mother. It will not only improve the gastro-intestinal tract, but also saturate the body with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Will help to get rid of the bitter taste of bile fresh juices with a sour taste, for example, Apple or birch. Can't drink concentrated and highly acidic drinks such as pomegranate juice or cranberry juice. The body is designed so that when excessive suppression of bile, its secretion will increase, so it is important not to overdo it.


If a woman were observed pathology of the gall bladder, e.g. gall stones or biliary dyskinesia, during pregnancy, when the fetus puts pressure on the abdominal organs, pathological processes are stimulated. To ease symptoms and normalization of the gallbladder, the doctor will prescribe antispasmodics – "Papaverine", "Drotaverine".

Advice 5: How to treat Allergy in newborns

Feature of newborn is very high gut permeability, which facilitates access of antigens (unwanted substances that cause an allergic reaction) in the blood. From newborns Allergy often affects the gastrointestinal tract, while it is accompanied by nonspecific symptoms. Causes of Allergy can be a number of different factors: genetic, vaccination, mother-compliance with hypoallergenic diet in the lactation period.
How to treat Allergy in newborns
Treatment of food Allergy should begin with the diet, exceptions are possible food allergen from the diet. But one should not "fight" with the Allergy yourself; otherwise, it can be not worsen, in each case, therapeutic tactics need to identify a pediatrician or allergist.
If the baby is only breastfed, then first from the nursing mothers diet for two weeks completely eliminated all potential allergens, as well as industrial products that have in their composition preservatives, artificial coloring, crystal sugar and emulsifier of fats (the label these substances and are denoted by — emulsifiers, dyes). Sugar, salt, broth and fried foods are eliminated completely. Limit the amount of consumption of dairy products. For a child suffering from food allergies, it is very important to preserve breastfeeding.
If your infant is on mixed or artificial feeding, it is likely that the cause of Allergy was cow's milk protein, which is in baby formula; therefore, it is necessary to partially or completely replace milk mixture, a special hypoallergenic mixture (prescribed by doctor), which will be based on soy protein or a special mixture in which protein is depleted to the minimum level of individual amino acids (specialised mixture) — in this case, the development of allergies is impossible. But even in this diet, there are drawbacks: the child may show intolerance to soy protein, and hydrolyzed special mixes have a fairly unpleasant taste and besides there are expensive.
Can you cure Allergy in the newborn using folk methods. Take a series of dried herbs or two tablespoons and fill it with boiling water. Data warm infusion make lotions on the rash. The series is antiseptic, a few days allergic will begin to take place. The treatment lasts until the complete disappearance of the rash.
From the word "Allergy" any mother of a newborn is creepy. And furthermore, if on the body three-week baby she sees a rash small red pimples on the face and upper body. This phenomenon is called "miles the newborn" and it is not a Allergy symptoms. And before the child's body will adjust production of its own hormones, his body covered in a rash.
Useful advice
Food Allergy in infants is usually from excessive use of mother milk and dairy products, eggs, nourishing soups, fish, pickles, canned tomatoes, watermelon and cantaloupe, chocolate, citrus fruits, nuts, coffee. Parents need to know what it looks like allergies have novorojdennih how is it different from heat rash or Mily (the rash appearing, the baby aged about three weeks, which are related to natural hormonal changes).
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