Self-medication or call the doctor?

Aggravation of gastric ulcer causes greater pain in the stomach, which disturb the patient. Such disease as ulcer disease must be diagnosed in a hospital or clinic, and, of course, need a course of treatment prescribed by the doctor. This disease causes frequent relapses at any deviation or abuse from the prescribed diet, before turning to the doctors need medication to help with pain. A person suffering from this disease knows that if there is not great pain, it is necessary to carry out prevention in the form of making the night special pills or other drugs.
In such cases, suitable ranitidine, cimetidine or quamatel.

Prophylactic administration of these medications must be combined with a return to the diet and medicinal drugs, tea, tinctures and herbal infusions.
If the actions have not yielded positive result and the pain continues to bother you, you must contact the clinic, get tested and get a full examination, which will eliminate the worst development of peptic ulcer disease - perforated ulcer.

Gastritis also cause pain in the stomach, they are divided into gastritis with reduced and increased secretion of gastric juice.
At the lowered secretion with acute gastritis prescribe drugs increase the production of gastric juice and normalize the digestive process. The list of such medications includes: digital, Mezim Forte, panzinorm, pankramin, festal. It should be remembered that the constant use of these drugs may lead to reduction in natural digestive secretions, so you must consult with your doctor on doses and application dates.

If the stomach ache due to overeating or poisoning

Poisoning with poor-quality foods also causes stomach pain, overeating can also trigger pain. In such situations, it is first necessary gastric lavage, this is the best way to cleanse the body of toxic substances to the arrival of the doctor. The next step is the administration of activated coal from calculation 1 tablet on 10 kg of patient weight. Activated charcoal tablets will help flush the remnants of toxic substances, which was caused by poisoning. No-Spa or motilium will help with the pain spasms, but, in any case, the need for the doctor disappears.