Advice 1: What if there were red dots on the tongue

The appearance of red points on the tongue can indicate diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, scarlet fever, Kawasaki syndrome and allergic reaction to alcohol, pharmaceuticals and some food.
Here so can look like red dots on the tongue

Why does the language appear red dots?

Language is a mirror reflecting the General state of the human body. But what if there were red dots on the tongue or he was covered with sores and bloom, began itching? Do not postpone visit to the doctor, you should visit the dentist. Than you can say red spots? Such diseases of the mouth, like stomatitis, herpes, glossitis, candidiasis often starts with the appearance of red dots on the tongue.

Accurate diagnosis will be preceded by an examination of the language, the purpose of the analysis and identification of causes of infection. If it is subsequently determined that the disease relates to the field of dentistry, the patient referred to a gastroenterologist or cardiologist, as the red dots on the tongue could be a manifestation of any disease of the gastrointestinal tract and circulatory system.
If the language has become very pale, it can confirm vegetative-vascular dystonia, anemia, General weakness of the body and weakening of the immune system.

To determine the disease specialist will help yellow bezel red spots and their contornist – the so-called geographic tongue. Often this phenomenon is observed in pregnant women and the danger it represents.

What if there were red dots on the tongue and they itch?

If the appearance of red dots on the tongue accompanied by itching, you need to think about the correctness of their food, since the development of pathology could lead to iron deficiency anemia and vitamin deficiency. Overeating and attempt simultaneous incompatible food products – has two reasons for the formation of red dots on the tongue. In some people they can be a sign of Allergy to alcohol, food, drugs, and even toothpaste. To respond to the irritation of taste buds the language could and in contact with spicy or too hot food.

Whether the appearance of red dots on the tongue because of frequent Smoking?

The effects of Smoking are not only diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs. The red dots on the tongue, which arose as a result of regular Smoking and causing irritation of taste buds, capable over time to develop into tumors of different nature.

Causes of red dots on tongue in children

Children red dots on the tongue can be a consequences of his injuries candy. The bright red color of the tongue should alert the parents as he is often a symptom of Kawasaki syndrome – the autoimmune disease of genetic origin. Red dots on tongue child it is considered a sure sign of scarlet fever.

What if there were red dots on tongue:

• before visit to the doctor should examine the situation prior to the modification of the language and carry out oral hygiene;
• in order not to aggravate the existing condition, you must give up alcohol and spicy food;
• good will and abstinence from Smoking, at least temporary;
• to treat mouth and tongue with red dots you can use diluted or Furatsilina, potassium permanganate;
• to ease the pain will help the pain medicine.
Nothing more should not be done, because red spots on the tongue can be signs of serious disease of the intestine, esophagus or gallbladder, diagnosis and treatment which should be only a doctor.

What can tell the color of the tongue?

Red tongue can indicate heart disorders and pulmonary systems, infectious diseases and diseases of the blood. Dark red color of the tongue confirmed the same pathology that and red, but only for them more difficult.
The color change of the language to more bright or dark can indicate a fever. So the body signals the beginning of the development of the inflammatory process and infection control.

Smooth shiny language suggests anemia. Red and purple indicates serious morbid condition of the lungs and circulatory system. Blue and purple color of the tongue says about possible abnormalities in the kidneys.

Advice 2: What if the body itches

Intolerable itching of the skin can bring to a nervous breakdown, because it deprives a person of normal work, rest and sleep. But since the skin is only a reflection of the inner state of the body, often the cause of itching should be sought much deeper. However, one should not rule out skin diseases.
What if the body itches
To get rid of itchy skin consider its origin as itching can be a symptom of skin diseases and manifestation of diseases such as jaundice, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, blood diseases, parasitic infestations, food poisoning. Respectively start the elimination with treatment of the underlying disease. Otherwise, the treatment will be temporary and short-lived result.

For skin itching caused by beriberi, and make your diet varied and balanced. Include large amounts of raw vegetables and fruits. Take vitamin-mineral complex combined and a separate iron preparation (iron with vitamin C, B9 and B12). A deficiency of this element can cause dry and itchy skin.

If itchy skin is related to its age (sagging, dryness, and violation of sebum), use funds to soften, nourish and moisturize. Apply as a cream and natural products: honey, milk, egg yolk, sour cream, vegetables and fruit. And that they are better absorbed into the skin, free of toxins and salts. To do this two times in a week to visit bath (steam room).

Be sure to drink enough water. Dehydration is a common cause of pruritus. In addition to water, drink herbal teas: nettle, peppermint, succession, calendula and chamomile. They are well soothe the skin and eliminate itching. Do not forget that the main treatment should be inside, because skin manifestations are only a symptom of internal health problems.

For help with itching, apply a local external treatments (baths, lotions and compresses) with the use of herbal concoctions and products of natural origin. For making dilute juice dill water (in the ratio 1:2) and wipe them sugasuga the surface of the skin. Also take warm baths with a decoction of nettles, or succession of celandine.

Because itchy skin can be caused by a disorder of the nervous system, carry out a complex of measures to stabilize the mind and strengthen the entire body: contrasting dousing with water, sun and air baths, exercise, proper sleep.

If itchy skin is accompanied by a rash on it, consult immediately to the doctor. Perhaps we are talking about an allergic reaction, parasitic infestation or infection. These diseases require medical supervision and medication.
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