How to get hair out of throat

If you have any characteristic tickling sensations in the throat, first, inspect the oral cavity in search of hair. Better if it will make someone from your family, lighting the throat with a flashlight. Making sure that the location of the hair allows you to pull it out, you can try and grab it with tweezers. However, if resistance is encountered, it is likely that hair stuck in my throat or esophagus and attempts to pull it out can cause vomiting or lead to injury of the mucosa.

If you can't get the hair, try to push it into the gullet with liquid or food. Then the hair gets into the stomach, where likely to be dissolved in the gastric juice. Drink plenty of fluids, eat a crust of bread or a crouton. You can try to drink a small amount of vegetable oil to the hair slipped into the esophagus. Gargle with plain water as often as possible. Maybe boiling the fluid will help move the hair.

If no manipulations do not help, and if there was pain when swallowing, you need urgent consultation with an otolaryngologist. Perhaps in my throat formed a lump of matted hair or he caught and can not move, irritating the mucosa. Specialist to examine the throat using professional equipment and will remove the stuck hair or hold a lavage of the oral cavity and throat.

A symptom of the disease

Sensation of a hair in the throat can be a symptom of certain diseases. For example, a feeling arises in cases of poisoning by heavy metals, particularly lead. Analyze what might have caused the poisoning: the use of household chemicals, repairs, etc.

Such feelings can be a sign of an allergic reaction. However, an Allergy usually has a number of symptoms and tickling in the throat, only one of them. Allergic reaction may be characterized by redness and itching eyes, runny nose, rash on body and other symptoms.

Tickling sensations in the throat can be the start of a respiratory viral infection. If so, then within the next 24 hours, they must join and others are typical for this infection symptoms are: fever, runny nose, cough, etc.

Infection with helminths may also be accompanied by a sensation of hair in throat. This is due to the mechanical irritation of the throat with roundworm or other parasites. To identify the infection will help the analysis on helminth eggs. There are many drugs to combat this problem and treatment of helminthiasis does not take much time.