What can ease the throat pain until the doctor comes

If a sore throat at an inopportune time when you cannot go to the doctor, you can use a small mirror to see red whether it whether enlarged tonsils. Most likely, it will be possible to see redness of the throat – if it hurts, then there is inflammation. Despite the fact that the person is not suffering from chronic pharyngitis, laryngitis or tonsillitis, most likely, to assume the flu or a cold.

In the case of chronic diseases of the throat are inflamed constantly, it is sufficient to hypothermia or drinking cold water. The patient in such cases know what to do. He is a familiar, and usually, the home kit it stores all the essential.
If a person has a sore throat, frequent drinking of tea is the most harmless tool that helps you to see the doctor. The fluid removes toxins from the body, and tea soothes a sore throat.

You can drink decoctions of dried fruits, berry fruit drinks, milk and mineral water (for those who have no intolerance to milk). Lemon is better not to eat entirely, and to put in tea, because, if consumed entirely, he, too, will act on the inflamed mucosa.

A sore throat is not recommended to drink hot or cold, eat food with spicy seasonings, pepper, with all that can irritate.

You can do frequent gargling with sage, chamomile, eucalyptus, calendula, solution in water of sodium, iodine and salt. From aloe or Kalanchoe is possible to tear off a leaf, wash it and chew on it – though bitter, but it helps.

If it hurts to swallow, it is good to make on the throat of vodka compress or mustard. You can also replace it with an oil compress or water (of course, with warm water). The compress can be kept long enough, the mustard – until you start to burn, then tie neck scarf, or a scarf.
Compresses and mustard can not be put in high temperature and enlarged thyroid gland.

Can I take medicine without prescription?

If, in addition to severe throat pain, still got the voice, then to the inflamed throat increased laryngitis. You need not strain your ligaments and less talking. When trachea felt as if in the throat is a lump. Throat unpleasant stings, while the temperature can be small. After a while the sore throat will be added to the paroxysmal cough. Before the arrival of the doctor will help the home remedies and cough medicine prescribe a doctor.
It is not recommended to start taking medication to doctor's appointments.

The doctor will make the diagnosis and prescribe treatment. For sore throat may hide serious diseases such as measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, mononucleosis. Therefore, in any case can not self-medicate.