If you have shortness of breath, high fever and tonsils you notice purulent deposits in the form of dots or liquid flows, immediately consult a doctor. Catarrhal sore throat is accompanied by pain on swallowing and redness in the throat, when there is insufficient or inadequate therapy, the process goes to lacunar or follicular quinsy.
Do not attempt to recover from purulent tonsillitis rinsing, a variety of pumps and ointments, it helps only in catarrhal angina, when the inflammatory process has just started and flowed in the stage of complications. Drain pus if you set a lacunar or follicular tonsillitis is simply no. He is in the inner layers of the tonsils and what you see on the surface is only the outer manifestation, in fact, the disease can threaten your life.
You will prescribe a course of antibiotics, in some cases required emergency surgery for dissection of purulent abscesses. After opening, you'll immediately feel a significant relief. Further treatment will be aimed at the cessation of the purulent process.
In a clinic or hospital, the doctor will examine multiple treatments of irrigation of the tonsils with antibacterial solutions. If necessary, you will have hardware washing gaps and prescribe a course of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy treatments are possible only after temperature drops to normal levels.
During the entire course of treatment abstain from strong tea and coffee, hot and rough food eat pureed food warm until then, until completely healed wounds after a purulent abscess.
Never attempt to remove the pus yourself. Do not treat a festering sore throat at home. Do not hesitate on the topic to go to the doctor or not. Please contact as soon as you noticed pus in my throat.
To avoid subsequent development of purulent abscesses, treat in time catarrhal sore throat at the first sign of redness in the throat. Take vitamins perform the procedure General strengthening of protective forces of the body, avoid contact with sick with the flu and viral infections. Systematically contact your doctor for repeated courses hardware lavage of lacunas.