Fill the deficiency of vitamins. The appearance of "goose skin" may be the result of vitamin deficiency, particularly lack of vitamins Aand C, so enrich your diet to include blueberries, carrots with sour cream (for best absorption), citrus fruits, black currants, etc. Lack of vitamin D can cause the appearance of "goose skin" in cold weather, so exposure to sunlight in the warm time is needed – sunbathe, visit a Solarium.
Visit a bath or sauna. Under the influence of hot steam, the pores of the skin dilate, increases blood circulation, and contrasting speeds up the metabolism. It is useful to steam be applied to the problem areas warming cream and perform a massage.
Clean the skin with hard scrubs. It is possible to use finished formulations which contain the active ingredients acting intensely and quickly. At home you can prepare coffee or salt scrub and treat areas of "goose bumps" after a bath or shower. After the procedure rinse composition and lubricate the skin softening agent.
Take a bath with pine extract. Enter a tub of hot water (37-38оС), add 50 grams of pine extract and Polezhaev her for half an hour. After the procedure, the skin is smoothed – it is necessary to grease a nutritious remedy. If you add in a bath of potato starch or a decoction of oat flakes, the effectiveness of the procedure will increase.
Do the massage. Regular massage will help to reduce the number of pimples and smooth the skin, use essential oils, fatty creams, special massage rollers.
Use the peel. After bath or sauna is useful to make peeling treatments peelings with fruit acids, enzymes,salt or sugar have an intense effect on skin, smoothing it and removing dead scales.
Do wraps. The result of body wraps – deep hydration and skin nutrition. It is good to perform the procedure after cleansing, scrubs and peels. As a material for wrapping the perfect algae (nutrient effect), cranberry (active hydration), grapes (relaxation and the saturation with trace elements), chocolate.