If there is a rash of the infant, to ignore this fact is impossible. Find out the origin of the rash and relieve your baby from discomfort.

The causes of pimples in infants

The cause of a rash can serve not only external stimuli but also growth, development of the child. If the baby is about two to three weeks, pimples appeared in the cheeks and neck, this shows the beginning of the formation of hormones. As a rule, rashes are themselves to three months of life. The peculiarity lies in the fact that pimples have a permanent red color, sometimes with a whitish center.

Pay attention to the nutrition nursing mother. If after eating certain foods redness in the cheeks have become noticeably brighter, it indicates the presence of allergies. Eliminate from the diet bad product, usually a small child rash reacts to such stimuli: citrus, sweet, and sometimes to cow's milk.

To avoid the appearance of acne can, a diet for breastfeeding mothers. Several times a day arrange newborn air baths. Wash baby clothes separately from adults, using special detergents.

If the acne is accompanied by cramps, anxiety, irregular bowel movement, this can be a signal to intestinal dysbiosis. Give advanced analysis of feces. Discuss this with the pediatrician. In identifying deviations, the child will prescribe medications to restore microflora.

Sometimes pimples on the face can speak of the beginning of the development of any disease. Do not put a diagnosis themselves. Contact your pediatrician for advice.

Climate change can also provoke the appearance of acne. The baby does not need treatment as the rash disappear after a few days of adaptation and do not require special attention.

Too warm a room or too warm clothing of infants is also a cause for rash - develops prickly heat. Usually, the pimples begin to appear on the infant's neck, and then rise to face. To determine that the child is too hot possible by the fact that his face turns red. Do not overheat the baby. Dressing a toddler, use simple pattern: "dress for yourself+1". This means that the child needs one thing more than an adult. For example, you and Mike on the baby vest and jacket.

Measures to treat rashes

After ascertaining the cause of the rash, begin proper care of them. Twice a day, wipe the face of a newborn with a cotton swab dipped in warm boiled water. Bathing baby in the bath, add water, a little potassium permanganate. Water should be pale pink color. This will help to dry the formed abscesses. You can use chamomile and succession. In any case not squeeze pimples, it can contribute to infection in open sores. Also for the treatment of redness, do not use fatty oils, antihistamines, hormonal ointments, powder.