You will need
  • Herb chamomile, sage, burdock, mint, garlic.
To get quick relief from fresh pimples using garlic. Its essential oil has powerful disinfectant action. At the first sign of inflammation, squeeze the juice from garlic cloves and apply on the affected area.
If red pimples on the face many, squeeze a few cloves of garlic through a press and apply the resulting slurry on the face. Keep the mask for at least 30 minutes, the procedure can be repeated twice a day. In addition to the essential oil in garlic contains sulfur, which dries inflamed areas. Garlic phytoncids that kill bacteria. Zinc, manganese, iodine and copper, which are rich in this vegetable will help to restore blood circulation in the inflamed areas.
Red from acne well help steam mask, they need to be done daily for weeks. Prepare a decoction of herbs chamomile, peppermint, sage and burdock. To do this, take on a table spoons of each herb, pour a glass of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. Then pour the broth into a wide container, cover your head with a towel and 15 minutes sit over the steam.
If the pimples continue to appear, the reason for this can be improper diet. Rethink your diet. To exclude chocolate and cocoa, spicy and richly flavored dishes. Animal fats and replace with vegetable oil. Eat at least 400 g of fresh vegetables and fruits a day.
Given that acne is infectious in nature and can spread rapidly over the entire face, carefully observe the rules of hygiene. Wash morning and evening, use a soft neutral means. Scrubs and peels during the existence of acne cannot be used, it contributes to the spread of infection. After washing necessarily wipe the skin lotion. Before bedtime, apply on the inflamed areas of the emulsion of the erythromycin or tea tree oil.
If despite all efforts, pimples periodically re-appear, contact your beautician. He will determine the cause and prescribe treatments.