You will need
  • -cleanser
  • -alcohol
  • -iodine
  • -cotton pads
  • -cotton swabs
  • -antibacterial cream
Rinse thoroughly, using funds with the content of active components. It is better to take anti-bacterial gel cleanser that you can buy at any pharmacy. It is not recommended to wash my face with soap from him and disrupted the natural balance of the skin, and thus appear pimpleICA in the wrong place.
Take a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol, which dilute to 70 degrees. Can use it and not diluted, but it is possible not only to dry the acne, and even burn the skin. If you are not going to go anywhere, take regular iodine and a cotton swab.
Hold dipped in alcohol cotton pad in the area of education of pimples 2-5 minutes, during this time, you should receive a feeling of warmth. If you decide to use iodine, soak a cotton swab and hold it on the pimple for a few minutes. Iodine not only dries well, but also penetrates deeply into the tissues and dissolves pus, which is formed under a thin layer of skin in the area of the pimple.
After this procedure do not apply the cream on the face for several hours. If you can't bear the feeling of tightness of the skin, use an antibacterial cream that contains salicylic acid or regular after shave lotion.