Advice 1: How to dry up pimples

Pimples on the face occur because of infection in the pores of the skin. They distort the face and often leave behind scars. Do not try to squeeze them, much better to just be dry and they will pass unnoticed. Careful hygiene will help to avoid the formation of acne, but if they are already there – nothing terrible, a little effort and clean skin will Shine healthy Shine again.
How to dry up pimples
You will need
  • -cleanser
  • -alcohol
  • -iodine
  • -cotton pads
  • -cotton swabs
  • -antibacterial cream
Rinse thoroughly, using funds with the content of active components. It is better to take anti-bacterial gel cleanser that you can buy at any pharmacy. It is not recommended to wash my face with soap from him and disrupted the natural balance of the skin, and thus appear pimpleICA in the wrong place.
Take a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol, which dilute to 70 degrees. Can use it and not diluted, but it is possible not only to dry the acne, and even burn the skin. If you are not going to go anywhere, take regular iodine and a cotton swab.
Hold dipped in alcohol cotton pad in the area of education of pimples 2-5 minutes, during this time, you should receive a feeling of warmth. If you decide to use iodine, soak a cotton swab and hold it on the pimple for a few minutes. Iodine not only dries well, but also penetrates deeply into the tissues and dissolves pus, which is formed under a thin layer of skin in the area of the pimple.
After this procedure do not apply the cream on the face for several hours. If you can't bear the feeling of tightness of the skin, use an antibacterial cream that contains salicylic acid or regular after shave lotion.

Advice 2: How to remove pimples on the buttocks

Red inflamed pimples, which can be quite painful, appearing on the buttocks, can cause a lot of trouble – you can't wear open swimwear, too shy to wear short skirts and Thong panties.
How to remove pimples on the buttocks
You will need
  • - sea salt
  • - salt
  • - coffee grounds
  • - blue clay
  • - iodine
  • zinc ointment
Change lingerie. The most common cause of pimples are synthetic Lacy panties. The skin needs to breathe, otherwise it quickly breed bacteria and germs to appear abrasions and inflammation. Cotton underwear meets all the hygiene rules, but if you want to look appealing in front of your loved one, wear lace panties in front of him, and at night be sure to change them to natural things.
Carefully choose clothes. Your warm winter tights should not be wool – replace them with cotton. Winter dress so that you the room was not hot – let your outerwear protects you from the cold, and the pants or skirt will be sewn from natural fabrics.
Do salt baths. In a basin with warm (not hot) water, add a little sea salt, stir it and sit in it for a few minutes. Salt disinfects the skin and softens the top layer, cleaning your pores.
After you steam the skin, you should handle the buttocks soft scrub. Prepare a mixture of shower gel and salt (the composition can change to coffee grounds, a special body scrub) and gently RUB into the skin of the buttocks, successively treating the entire surface. The scrub will remove solid particles, open pores and cleanse the skin.
Then apply to the skin a cleansing mask made of clay – blue powder has excellent antiseptic effect, soothes the skin and disinfects it dries the pimples.
Finish buttock skin – clean the skin with an antibacterial lotion with salicylic alcohol. Use this composition twice a day, and a couple of times a week, spend a full course of cleansing procedures. You can use drying ointments with zinc – not more than two times a week.
More often sunbathe in the summer, the sun dries the skin and makes the pimples invisible. Visit a Solarium in the winter – the shortage of vitamin D pimples can appear on the skin regularly.
Mature pimples treat iodine – apply it a point, with the help of cotton buds. Lubricate inflamed pimples in the morning and before bedtime until until the redness will disappear and time will not be delayed. Instead of iodine, you can use the gel to treat acne (not effective) and salicylic ointment.
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