How to use paint Estel Professional?

Professional paint is recommended to use in salons-hair salons. In addition to coloring, hair after these colors will receive, and care, because their composition typically contains special nourishing ingredients.

Perhaps someone will ask a question why choose a professional paint, because you can choose paint and cheaper. The big advantage in favor of the professional paints are the following: they stay long on the hair, not washed off, after their hair has a natural Shine and silkiness, they perfectly paint over the gray. It is desirable to carry out the painting from the masters-professionals because they are trained correctly mixing the different components, know the intricacies of application and time of action on the hair of various shades. You can, of course, and to dye your hair at home, but the effect will be completely different.

The paint Estel Professional

Packaging of paint contains the usual components: gel-dye, oxidant, conditioner, gloves and instructions for use. Before first use it is necessary to test for sensitivity. If the reaction to the Allergy is not apparent, the composition can be used. It should be noted that it is impossible to apply the paint, if the scalp has wound, abrasions on the scalp, this will cause irritation.

Initially you need to determine the amount of paint needed. It depends on the length of hair, respectively, than they are longer, the more paint is required. Before the dyeing process need not wash your hair, also they should be dry.

Dilute the paint should be strictly according to the instructions, you can then begin the process of staining. All the prepared paint should be immediately applied to the hair, since the product can quickly lose its functionality and the effect of the full painting will not work. Also, do not leave the diluted paint to be repainted, it will lose its properties.

If the hair is re-colored the original ink is applied to the roots, and then distributed uniformly over the entire length of hair. The exposure time is 30-35 minutes. In the case of staining for the first time, covered all of the hair as the roots and the rest of the length. The holding time is 45 minutes.

In any coloring process, first the paint is applied to the head, then the front of the head and temples. When coloring gray hair you need to start with sections of gray hair. After inking, you can't comb your hair, there is the risk of divorce. After the exposure time of the paint, the hair is washed thoroughly with warm water. The final step is hair treatment balm. For this part of the balm is applied to the hair, leave for 5-10 minutes and wash off.