Lightening hair

Clarification is the removal of pigment from the top layer of hair, and color - change. It is impossible to lighten hair without causing them harm. Dry hair, split ends, dull colour – often this effect gives lighting, especially if you decided to do it at home by yourself.

But the decision is made, the blond hair and all. But after a short time, the appearance begins to spoil pretty appear yellow hair. And then the question arises: "what to do"? The bleaching is an aggressive method of influence on the hair and scalp. To dye the hair after bleaching of course possible, but not desirable, it is better to endure a couple of weeks. All the hair was stress.

Choose what is better

The simplest solution to put on hair shampoo that is added to the normal wash head and wash is the most gentle tool. Purple shampoo neutralizes the yellow. The main thing is not to overdo it, if you overdo the shampoo on the hair will be the owner of purple hair. Keep the product in two minutes, in this case, the result is closer to white.

In any case, do not use after bleaching resistant inks, this will only intensify the degree of damage of hair. Ideally, we need to help the nourishing hair masks. You can dye your hair without dye – grandmother left a legacy of a large number of recipes. Chamomile, honey and lemon will give your hair a Golden color and lighten. With normal tea it is possible to obtain reddish-brown color. But if you rinse the hair infusion onion peel, the hair is not only strengthened, but also acquire Shine, and the color will depend on the richness of the broth. Apply a hair mask of honey, put the rubber cap and leave for ten hours. Hair will be brighter, and will remove unwanted stains and hair will be silky and shiny.

You need to remember that bleached hair is very difficult to evenly paint in the desired color. So the darker shades are very difficult fall and the paint is washed off quickly. The result may be unpredictable, hair can prokrastsya unevenly, and the color may not be as they expected. To avoid surprises, trust the experts, who will select a suitable for your hair gentle remedy that will stay in your hair, and advise gels, masks or cream to restore hair and scalp, if required.