Carefully read the instructions on the packaging of the oxidant and on the tube with strainer. Some coloring compounds are incompatible with the peroxide, as a rule, it concerns the pigments in an oil base. If you are using professional products, make sure to do a test - mix the ingredients of paint and leave for 2-3 minutes, if the mass is stratified or curdle, use a mixture impossible.It is important to use a mixing glass, ceramic or plastic container.
Professionals advise to first pour in a bowl oxidizer, and then add a coloring pigment. The process of oxidation starts immediately upon mixing, so the paint need to stir constantly, even while painting with a special brush, but a glass or ceramic spoon. It is important to stir the mixture as thoroughly as possible and faster until smooth.
Should not be confused with each other oxidants of various firms: it can be a heterogeneous mass. Color as a result of such staining, in the best case, will be less intense and will wash off. Moreover, it is impossible to pour in the paint and other ingredients, which you seem lacking in her. It is, in particular, about henna, remember - it is impossible to mix in the paint!
Note the percentage composition of the oxidizer. If you want to become 2-3 shades lighter, choose a dye with 9% content of the oxidizing agent, if 3-4 shades with 12%. For painting at home, mainly used in cream developer 6-7.5%.
As for the paint – do not regret it. If your hair is long or short, but very thick, it is better to take two packages, respectively, twice the amount of mixing of the oxidant and paint.Mixing ratio: 1 part dye, 1 part of oxidizer.
Only "oxidizerNaya paint" containing hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, can radically change hair color and long lasting.