The company produces a line of professional hair colors guarantee that after using their product every woman can enjoy luxurious color and hair extraordinary silkiness and Shine for colored hair. Indeed, hairdressers think that not all professional hair dye equally well cope with its task.

How to find the best professional hair dye

The hair of each woman is unique: they have different thickness, structure, hardness. On this basis, an experienced hairdresser picks up the paint, which is ideal to paint over the existing color, to completely cover the gray and give hair a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Many artists love to work with paint Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vibrance line, noting a number of advantages, namely:
- wide color palette helps to choose the perfect shade for women of any appearance;
- no ammonia, therefore, to dye her hair even pregnant and lactating women;
paint is odorless and well-washed, which is very popular with the clients.

Some hairdressers Igora think the paint is too hard and prefer to offer their customers the dyeing cream paint C:Ehco, line Color Explosion. The undeniable advantage of this paint is the respect for the hair. As a result of its use hair color becomes alive and glistening, and the hair does not lose elasticity, while remaining soft and silky.

Can I use professional hair dye at home?

Experienced hairdressers are sure that the independent use of professional hair undesirable. First, the paint, which employs hairdressers, is not sold ready for immediate consumption. To get the hair client's desired shade, the master carefully blends multiple colors of paint and adds to the mix special oxidizing emulsion.

There are a number of professional rules which find the optimal color combination that the color was stable, and contained in its composition of chemical substances do not harm the hair of the client. Amateur, from whom these skills do not exist, will not be able to competently prepare the composition and to withstand the required proportions.

In addition, a professional paint more concentrated and, therefore, the staining must scrupulously observe the residence time of dye on the hair. If you overdo the mixture can spoil the hair. That's why hairdressers do not recommend using professional dye to change hair color at home.