You need to have for coloring your hair at home

In order to dye your hair, regardless of color and length of hair will need almost the same set of tools:

- paint for hair coloring;

- ceramic or glass bowl in which you will dilute the paint;

rubber or plastic gloves;

- Cape on the shoulders;

comb with large infrequent teeth;

is a special brush for dyeing hair.

If the hair is short, it is enough 1 pack paint. For very thick hair to my shoulders or if they are longer, you will need 2 packs. In addition, if you decided to dyed long hair, it is best to stock up on 4 large Bobby pins or special clips that hairdressers use.

How to dye your hair at home by yourself

Those girls who dyed their hair themselves, know that the process is quite time consuming, you have to find methods and postures to paint over the entire head. It is especially difficult to paint over the hair on the back of the head, have to do it in the truest sense of touch. It always happens that one awkward movement leads to the fact that the paint is on the neck, on the forehead, on the temples. In advance to protect yourself from this problem, causing the skin around the hair of the head rich cream or walk around these places with a lip balm or hygienic lipstick. Notice then how easy it wipes off the paint protected with these funds skin.

To paint hair it is necessary to start from the back, so divide with a comb hair into 4 parts: front from forehead to neck, left temporal, right temporal and occipital. The paint absorbs better on damp hair, so, I lightly sprinkle or moisten them.

The process of dyeing hair uniformly applying the coloring composition to the hair. This is done in the following sequence:

- apply the paint on the hair roots along partings;

- paint mascara on the front part from the roots to ends, then alternately do the same with the other zones;

the remaining paint again distribute as close as possible to the roots;

with a wide - toothed comb, comb the hair.

Modern color formulations hair is not spread out, so the head does not need to wear a cap. After 30 minutes just rinse the paint by shampoo for colored hair.

In the packaging of paint is likely to be a packet of balm that softens hair, protects from aggressive influence of the chemical composition, makes hair shiny and smooth. Apply it on the head and after a few minutes rinse with water.

A few tips on hair coloring

If you decided to dye your hair at home by yourself, then knowing a few tricks will make painting more efficient, correct and as close to a professional.

- at least 2 days prior to hair dyeing don't wash your hair. Clean hair is easier destroyed by the action of a chemical composition. In addition, prior to painting do not use hair shampoo or 2 in 1, otherwise you risk to get not dyed strands.

- do not hold paint longer than necessary. The view that if you hold the dye on the hair longer, the color will be more rich, is wrong. Almost every user on the coloring indicates the time of activity of the composition, usually 30 minutes. After this time the composition just ceases to operate.

- the main thing – harmony. If you want to dye your hair at home by yourself, keep in mind that radical changes in the way it is better not to make. Hair color must match the color of the eyes and different from the main not more than 2 tones. If the mood changes quite opposite, go to the webmaster who will do it professionally.

- do not wash your hair the day after hair coloring. Also, do not use varnishes, mousses and foams. The components included in their composition can prevent the absorption of paint pigment in the hair.

- when painting hair, do not use a metal comb. The oxidation of the metal can play havoc with your hair color, so it is better to use wooden or non-metallic combs, at worst suitable plastic.

- do not use a hair dye for coloring eyebrows and eyelashes. The temptation to tint the remnants of paint eyebrows and eyelashes can lead to the need to call an ambulance, the paint is dangerous to the health of the eyes. In addition, you risk being left without eyelashes and eyebrows, they will simply fall out.

To dye hair at home by yourself is actually not as difficult as it may seem for the first time, just need to follow all the rules, follow the instructions on the package with paint and remember the little, but important tricks described above.