You will need
  • Comb,
  • Special gloves that protect your hands from staining
  • A brush for applying dye to hair,
  • Cup for cultivation of paint
  • Clips and clamps for fixing of the locks of hair
  • Watch to measure the time of painting,
  • An old shirt, a towel to cover shoulders and dirty paint clothes.
Read carefully the instruction mandatory to every tube of paint. In a small bowl or a China mug, dissolve the coloring and oxidizing agents in the proportions specified by the manufacturer of the paint, carefully stir them together until a homogeneous consistency. Make sure that the paint was enough to evenly paint over all the regrown roots.
Comb the hairs. If they are long, tear them into individual strands and secure each with a hair clip or a special clip for hair. Start painting from the back. Because to see this area of the head you pretty hard, even with a pair of mirrors will be better if you apply paint to the back of the head will help anybody from home.
Apply the paint to the roots of the hair , strand by strand, trying to keep the paint from falling on that portion of the strands that has already been painted previously. After the head color of whiskey, then top. Note the time and close the head is a special hat so the paint does not spread. If it is thick enough, you can head does not close.
Without waiting for 10 minutes before the time allotted according to the instructions on the staining, well comb hair, s, dispensing the paint from the roots along the entire length to the tips. Wait 10 minutes and rinse the paint with warm water. Apply to hairs balm or mask, hold the head a few minutes, so the nutrients have penetrated the hair. Rinse shampoo and dry hair.