You will need
  • - hair dye;
  • brush for painting.
Determination of the quality of the hair extensions. This item can not be neglected. After all, if you increased the artificial hair, it is important to understand that they can not paint. Even light toning can lead to disastrous condition your hair are like a sponge, and anything you will not be able to help them (after all, the natural power they have).
If you are the owner of natural hair extensions, you need to remember to save them after painting, it is necessary to use "soft" ("metaprototype"). It is best to choose the paint that will be just a few shades different from your hair color. Because of this, it is possible to achieve very good results your natural and extended hair will look equally beautiful.
Using the brush, apply need to apply paint to the entire length of the hair extensions. It is important to remember not to apply paint to the capsule (the place where the attached artificial hair). Under the influence of paint, the capsule may collapse.
The paint on the artificial hair to keep less time than on the natural hair. Therefore, watch the time and don't damage your hair.