Prepare the hair

Wash your hair 48 hours before dyeing home. Use only natural cleaning products, paint application after their application is most effective. Avoid air conditioners, they remove the hair of natural oils, which negatively affects the coloring process. If you have too dry hair, caress them daily for 5 minutes during the week. This will allow you to avoid drying out the hair after dyeing.

Paint and accessories

There are a large number of colors and tones, hair colors that can make you a blonde, brunette or perhaps a redhead. If you plan to dye my hair for the first time, try to choose paint slightly lighter or darker than the color of your hair. Also, you should use the least resistant paint, this will allow you to quickly wash it off if you decide you chose the wrong color.

To avoid getting paint on clothes, put on the shoulders of a towel or piece of any matter. Wear gloves (latex or rubber). Prepare the paint, spreading it in a bowl in accordance with the instructions.
Paint with minimal resistance, can be washed off after a few treatments, shampooing with shampoo (6-26 times, depending on the type of paint).

Staining at home

Divide your hair into 4 strands, each strand of hair, divide into smaller bundles. So you will be able to paint them more evenly. Colouring of hair, start from the base towards their ends, so you can avoid the formation of inhomogeneities in color. For paint, use a special brush. When you are finished applying the paint, leave it on hair for the time specified in the instructions for use. Strictly follow the instructions. Prolonged retention of the dye on the hair will make them very dry.
If you have a lot of gray hair, the paint can hold on a little longer than specified in the instructions.

Air conditioning

Wash your hair under cool, running water over the sink or in the shower. Wash your hair until the water is clean. During shampooing from your hair will drip paint, don't worry, it's her remains, your hair by that time will already be painted. Some paints are sold together with a special conditioning can also be purchased separately. Carefully apply it along the entire length of hair and leave on for two days. Do not use a Hairdryer, hair must dry naturally.